You have a car which you purchased with your first salary. It’s like a baby for you and rightfully so but it’s also your best friend when you want to escape the humdrum of the day and reconnect with yourself. Whether you are going for a solo road trip or planning to take your buddies along, you would want your car to be in its prime. And the only person who can care for your car better than you is a trusted car mechanic.

The best car mechanic can add value and years to your car’s life. While hiring a car mechanic make sure you lookout for the proper credentials and experience. Also, check the registration when hiring independent repair shops.

Car Repair

How to choose the correct Car Mechanic?

An automobile technician or the car mechanic is not someone who changes the spark plugs or checks the engines they have a detailed and delicate job profile. Apart from repairing and replacing part of your beloved car, the mechanic also is responsible for maintaining the vehicle to prevent future malfunctioning.

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The responsibilities that are upon the Car Mechanic are:

  • They check the vehicle verification and sees if they are ready for the road.
  • They ensure that your car remains in compliance with the state regulations.
  • Conducts a thorough checkup of the car to see if the problem has other roots or not.
  • Will help you place orders for your required replacements or they have authentic spares in stock.
  • Aids you in maintaining your car properly.
  • Will guide you in understanding the root cause of the problem and correcting your usage.
  • Keeps a record of the maintenance of the car and routinely comes around or asks you to take your car to them.

While these are the most important functions of the car mechanic the list does not end there. Hence, the mechanic can rightfully be tagged as a doctor for your car. So you need to be very diligent when choosing the correct and trusted car mechanic to tend to your precious travel companion.

car mechanic

These 4 tips will help you choose wisely:

  • Ratings and reviews – While this point seem repetitive, but it’s the truth. There are numerous automobile repair companies and individual car mechanic around the town. Choosing the best might not be difficult but to choose the trusted mechanic you need to read the reviews carefully. The ratings will help you shortlist the preferred mechanics. Get an honest mechanic who can show you the problem. Always ask for proof before allowing someone to make repairs to your car. A trustworthy mechanic is always at any time willing to explain the problem to you and show the evidence.
  • Has experience – One of the most important requirements for any car owner is experience. You will not want the car mechanic to experiment on your beloved baby. When you are looking for a trusted mechanic make sure that they come with a good resume and work experience. This becomes crucial when you own a luxury vehicle and without an experienced mechanic, you cannot be assured of quality work. Keep track of the past work of car mechanics. A car mechanic who specializes in fixing the brand of your car is an ideal choice, check for specialization in certain makes of car brands.
  • Will provide you with an estimate – An experienced and reliable car mechanic will always be able to provide you with a breakdown of the total cost and estimation of the maintenance or repairs of the car. This will help you understand their efficiency and expertise in their job.
  • Can produce a proper license – Each state has its own rules and adhering to those rules is essential. The license is a confirmation of a person’s capability to work according to the guidance. You must check for a license if you want quality and honest work. The license will also assure you of a warranty from the car mechanic. It is proof that the car mechanic has been trained in the field and is reliable enough to work in the field of the automotive industry.


Always keep in mind that the relationship you have with your car mechanic is built on trust and professionalism. Since your car isn’t seasonal, your mechanic won’t be either. Thus while the above-mentioned pointers are essential, you also need to get the vibe of the person. Meet them and see work. This way you can form a better understanding and choose the trusted mechanic.

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