Truecaller acquires payments startup Chillr

Truecaller and Chillr


Everyone knows how to know a caller identity through the Truecaller app. At this stage, the Truecaller has acquired and launched India’s first Multibank payment app ‘Chillr’.

True Caller’s company co-founder and chief executive Nami Zarringhalam said that in the year 2017, Truecaller launched the Truecaller pay service and helped in Indian Money transfers.


Chillr app has made a good plan for mobile phone payments. The users can set it up quickly and easily. He added that this app will be helpful for our customers to make their own money transactions effectively.

Sony Joy

Similarly, the company Chillr founder Sony Joy, Anoop Sankar, Mohamed Galib and Lishoy have joined the Truecaller.


Truecaller said in their official blog, “We’re really excited to work with this company in Bangalore. Our customer will be able to easily handle the mobile payment facility through this app”.

They have also said that “In the next few months, customers can make a new transaction through new features in Truecaller, and our expanded service will be really good. The mobile payment app, True Caller, which started in April this year, now has more than 100 million users”.


At the beginning stage, the company started based on Caller ID service. Now it has features like spam blocking, SMS, the development of the flash message and the current payment service is considered to be a development of the company.

100 million

The company proudly stated that their customers can connect with their families, friends, and people abroad and make money transactions for their urgent need. Every day 100 million people are benefited by the Truecaller service through the smartphone.

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