Find Who is Calling You – True Caller


When you need to know an unknown person whom you are calling, you need a phone directory to look that number. If you get a missed call or a message from an unknown number you always want to know who is calling or messaging.

You can simply check who it may be, by calling them back. But this trick does not work when that person wants to irritate you. Ladies are often facing this problem, when they get abusive calls or blank calls from the Gents. So, they are in need of any service which can tell them the person using the phone number and where.

For this kind of services, many phone number tracing services are available. But those services only enable you to trace the telecom operator and their state or the city and also that information helps you to know from where you are getting calls. But you want to know the person’s name to simplify your work.

To find the full information about a phone number, you can get it with the in style web service called True Caller. True Caller is also available for all the leading platforms of the mobile. You can install this app in various mobile phones. After its installation, it synchronizes your contact with its cloud storage and also it puts your contact details on the cloud making it accessible. This app consists of millions of phone numbers and user names.

When you enter a number to search, it will look in its database and it shows the details regarding that person. Most of the times, you can find the details available in the True Caller Database. Thus it makes the phone number tracing easy.

To search a number in True Caller, do the following,

  • Go to True Caller website.
  • Enter the phone number in the search box. The service itself select your country, it is default. If you want to
  • After entering the phone number, click on search.
  • Then the service will ask you about the login like,

Login via your

Facebook      Twitter        Gmail         Yahoo

  • Login via any one of the above and you will automatically go for the result page.


True Caller is available in web, and if you want to download the app, you can also download it. To download the app, visit and click on Download. You can also install the app in Smartphone’s like iPhone, Android, Symbion S60, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Series 40.