Remote working is the big trend of 2020 – driven, of course, by the risks to employee health brought about by the coronavirus. With more firms than ever electing to send their workers home – and to ask them to perform their duties from their living rooms, kitchens, or office spaces – this is the time to perfect your remote working setup as we move towards 2021. The companies that heed the following three tips will be sure to outcompete their rivals in the digital space by upgrading their digital systems for the ‘new normal’.

Remote Working


One of the chief concerns of managers, when their staff was being sent home earlier in the year, was around monitoring. How, these managers asked, can we guarantee that our staff is working as hard from their couch as they would from their desk? This is a reasonable question – with a reasonable answer: use software that helps your management team watch your workers as they perform their daily tasks.

This doesn’t mean corporate surveillance, it means being able to check who is online at any one time. These oversight software packages are often built with teleconferencing and instant messaging apps as standard, which means that your firm will be able to maintain conversations and connections while keeping your managers informed about the work of their staff.

Use Consultants

There’s little use in making a large-scale tech overhaul without first consulting tech experts. It’s these experts who’ll be able to tell you which tech you should upgrade, which you should bin entirely, and which software solutions your business cannot do without in the coming months. Their advice will prove crucial in charting your businesses’ development in the tech sphere.

Finding consultants online is easy. Support from Online Computers, for instance, can be enjoyed instantaneously, and wholly online – which means that you won’t have to breach social distancing policy in order to get the advice that your firm needs at the close of this year. Always consult the experts before making a dramatic change to your remote working setup – ensuring your decisions will be optimal for your business.

Digital Management

We’ve already talked about oversight – but there’s plenty more that managers are having to cope with when they’re being asked to manage teams who are all working from home. The following managerial decisions are regarded as ideal for companies looking to get more out of their workers:

  • Set up a conference call every morning, during which workers will check in, share issues, and listen as you set the goals for the day and the week ahead.
  • Ensure that there’s a constant line of communication between you and your workers. This is important for solving issues as soon as they arise.
  • Make sure that you’re up to speed with the technology that your workers are using. All too often, it’s a glitch in the tech that’ll hold up you progress.
  • Be sure to train your staff in smart cybersecurity protocols, to avoid damaging data breaches, malware, and ransomware.

These key managerial decisions will help you to avoid mishaps while your team works remotely.

Optimize your remote working setup with these three tips, which will have your firm working harder, and smarter, in the future.

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