Top 10 Clever Tricks Built Right Into Gmail

Tricks In Gmail

The below are the top most Tricks in Gmail which will useful to you in different ways.

In the year 2004, Gmail reworded the rules for Web-based email. It had a clean, fast interface, and a jaw-dropping 1GB of free storage. Now, it comes with ten times the amount of space and claims many millions of users over the globe.

But even if you use it daily, you’re perhaps not creating the most of the features which had offered. Along with seven tips, you can take your Gmail life outside “power user.” You can be an off-the-deep-end Gmail megalomaniac.

1. Let filters do the work

Handling an inbox is not an easy work, but Gmail helps by using tools. You can try any search into a filter which will be act, search emails “from: Facebook” for example create a filter that should mark these messages as read and archive them. Or set a filter that should match with your nearest and dearest, then mark these messages as important to confirm you never miss an email from your better half. Filters can encourage important messages and lower the clutter before you are logged in.

2. Make the most of search

You would think a Google product to shine only in the search. It’s not always obvious, but the Gmail search box has more elasticity than you would think—click on drop-down arrow to look all the options which it offers at the right side. Watch the emails with attachments, if you want to delete these messages. Some free room in your account probably. Or, if you’re searching for an email from a particular sender, update the search with a TK:TK command.

If you have a specific search query—emails from your last year birthday, the year before, or any year, say—you can excavate them up and recall the moment. Of course, how better it works depends on how many emails you have received from your friends and family to mark the event, and how many greetings was auto-generated from the forums and mailing lists you’ve signed up for.


Tricks In Gmail

3. Split your inboxes

Through the Inbox tab of the Gmail Settings page, you can modify how your emails are ordered on screen and use Google’s unique Priority Inbox feature. But wait, there’s more! Research into the Labs page and you can trigger an Outlook-style Preview Pane (especially handy on bigger monitors) or a Many Inboxes feature.

The latter option enhances a new tab to the Settings screen where you can construct three independent panels matching the search queries of your choice. See starred (by searching for is:starred), unread (is:unread) and important (is: important) messages alongside each other. Or you can set emails matching three different labels (label: label name)—the choice is yours. Note: you will need to disable Priority Inbox for More Inboxes to work.

4. Bring in the other email

If you’ve got a Hotmail or Yahoo mail email address which you use for newsletters and why don’t you introduce these messages into Gmail too? The Accounts and import tab of the Settings page makes the procedure very upfront, and you can obviously mark these introduced messages as apply or read a label using a filter. You may want to import your work emails like a backup.

Here is other tip: enter while filling out Web applications. You can use whatever word you want after the plus symbol, and emails to the address reach your inbox. Once they attain, you can utilize the “” filter to take suitable action.

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Tricks In Gmail

5. Look to the stars

Superstars are obtainable in the General tab in Settings. Until 12 stars and symbols can be used, somewhat than just the single default one and a various click on the star icon through message cycles by them.

Use these multiple stars to divide home and work emails, or mark urgent messages, combine them by type, or flag them for notices to follow up. Every star has its own search query too—for a green colored star, it has green-star—which is used as the basis of a filter or the multiple inboxes. Fly over any star to see its related search code.

6. Work the labels

Labels are best features of Gmail. It also makes searching thousands of emails so easier. Confirm you use them.

Recollect that if you want that filters can apply labels automatically. They also help you to clear out the confusion in your Gmail account also—Enter the label:newsletter before 2011/01/01 in the search box and then become busy with the delete key, for example, if you want to set up a newsletter filter.


Tricks In Gmail


7. Extend Gmail’s capabilities

There are a group of third-party apps and expansions which can extend the capabilities of Gmail. For example, take  Rapportive, which enhances details from, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter next to your contacts. It’s sleek, fast, and soon feels like a natural Gmail feature.

Another of our favorite third-party tools is Boomerang, which allows you to schedule emails to send after and repeats you to follow up important messages after some period of time if you don’t have a response.


8. Customize the DensityPocket: Ten Tricks To Make Yourself a Gmail Master// 

You may not like the gap between the messages in an email list, but you’re not fixed with a convinced display. Just hit the “settings” cog icon, and you can look more or less messages on screen by altering the Screen density.

9. Make an email To Do

Sometimes you cannot send a particular email right then and there, but you don’t want to forget to do it overall. Just click the “More” menu above an email, go it into a to do task, and plan it on your calendar.

10. Do the basics better

We have to discuss a few basic things about tricks in Gmail just to create your mastery comprehensive. You perhaps know you can click the “+” menu at the bottom of the new compose window and then click the little chain icon to pull-out a web link into the email. But here is a tip: you can also insert an email link in your email.

And the last thing about searching, which is a basic email function that’s not totally clear in Gmail. If you want to search a message from a specific sender, type “” in the search field.

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