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In the recent times, a hacking team which has created a self-healing computer system was awarded $2 million where the competition was sponsored by DARPA. Whereas the old servers that have passwords for the security of the websites which you visit haven’t yet got the self-healing ability. Count the ones that are going to get hacked. It creates a serious problem if the password that is stolen is being used even in other websites. the usage of simple and easy to remember passwords such as “12345” is also really a bad idea. Every password must be made strong and unique too. And this can be worked out if you have installed a password manager and use it.

A password should be in such a way that it brings the difficulty to crack out even one as every single password is different and long and it’s even hard. The password manager helps for your own sanity and security and changes all of your passwords. Everyone needs a password manager from the most carefree Web surfers to the security wonks who run DARPA until our Internet culture emerges into some post-password Nirvana. There is a huge number of good choices for password managers. All of the commercial ones are said to earn 3.5 stars and more.

The Basics :

A typical password manager can be installed when a browser is plugged-in to handle password capture and replay. You will be offered to save your credentials when you log in to a secure site. When you return back to that site, automatically it offers to fill in those credentials. And, if you have saved two or more logins for the same site, the password manager offers you options for multiple account login. Most also offer a browser toolbar menu of saved logins, so you can go direct to a saved site and automatically log in.

Some of the products detect events such as password change and offers for the updating of the previous existing records. Even some of them record your credentials when signing up for a new secure website. On the other hand, a password manager which excludes password capture and replay automation needs to offset that is lacking with other significant assets.

Firstly, it is good to step to get all your unique passwords into the password manager. Then you have to replace the duplicate and weak passwords with tough ones when you have identified them. Many password managers admonish duplicate and weak passwords and some offers to update the process. The best of all can run the password-change process automatically.

There is no more to strain your brain when you have created a new account with more security or if you want to update a weak password into a strong and unique one. All our top rated products include a password generator that is inbuilt in itself except one product among them. Also, you have to make sure of your password that is generated must be a minimum of 16 characters long since many of the products are having a shorter length by default.

A password like “MW%89ui@3AS*Ind” may be very difficult to be entered using a tiny keyboard on your smartphone. Fortunately, Almost of all the top password managers can sync across all the Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. Some of them even let you authenticate on Android or iOS with the help of your fingerprint without typing the master password. Most of them include a form of two-factor authentication, like it, maybe Google authentication, SMS based, biometric or anything else.

Fill Those Forms :

It is just a simple work for the password managers to fill in automatically the personal data – first name, last name, phone number, email address and many, since most of them are able to auto-fill stored credentials. Many of the top-rated products include web form filling. When comparing a web form fields with their stored items, the flexibility, and breadth of one’s personal data collection differs as their accuracy does. Even though if you tend to miss a field or two, it need not be mandatory to type them again since they may be filled before itself by the web. This feature saves more of your time if a number of sites that you visit want the same information.

There are different products that handle form-filling in their own styles like some products immediately fill all the recognized fields, some of them wait for your response to the click in a field, some turn up to ask what you prefer.

Advanced Features :

How can one of the password managers stand separate from the list, if all of them take care of the basic password management tasks? One advanced feature is to manage passwords for applications and not only for websites. The other one is arranging a secure browser and is developed to secure the sensitive transactions and insisted automatically while visiting a financial site. A very big advantage, obviously, is automating the change password process.

As already discussed, these products let you sync your password across all of your devices. Also, some of them include a built-in mechanism for sharing your password securely with other users. Some, without making the password be visible, let you share a login, some others revoke sharing whereas some lets you to share in both ways – the original tends to change if the recipient makes a change.

A few products include some provision for a digital legacy which is said to be a method for transferring your logins to a trusted individual in the event of your death or incapacity.

The Very Best :

Veteran password manager LastPass 4.0 Premium impressively offers a comprehensive set of features. Slick and polished Dashlane 4 also shows off a huge number of features, even some that LastPass lacks. Sticky Password Premium handles required tasks better than most, and a small portion of all the purchases goes to help an endangered species. But even the products not named as Editors’ Choice have their merits; you may prefer one of them. Below are some of the top password managers discussed for you.

1. Dashlane 4 :


Dashlane 4 is even slicker and easier to use than its predecessor. Now it can completely support seven languages and also it can change passwords on 500 websites automatically for which this very capable password manager has been rated with five stars.

2. LastPass 4.0 Premium :


LastPass 4.0 Premium builds on the excellent features of the free version that let you sync your passwords among all your devices. It also offers enhanced multiple factor authentication and password sharing.

3. Sticky Password Premium :


Sticky Password Premium performs all that you expect from a password manager and even more. Your passwords will never leave your home network if you go for an unusual no-cloud Wi-Fi sync.

4. Keeper Password Manager and digital Vault 8 :


Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault 8 adds up password management and sharing of secure files in one easy-to-use package, and it can run on just about any device that you can imagine.

5. LogMe Once Password Management Suite Ultimate :


LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Ultimate is extremely a full-featured password manager for all your devices. But, you can get all except a fraction of its functionality by using the free edition.

6. Password Boss Premium :


Password Boss Premium is enough slick and full-featured which you would hardly guess that it’s a brand-new entry in the password-management field.

7. RoboForm Everywhere 7 :


RoboForm Everywhere 7 lets you sync your passwords across all your mobile devices, and the mobile editions are no more limited. It can be a good selection, if you stick to mobile, and not desktop installations and moreover it’s free too.

8. RoboForm Desktop 7 :


Hardly, RoboForm Desktop 7 has changed in the previous years, while the password-manager market has evolved. It’s still quite effective, but it lacks with some features that we expect.

9. True Key by Intel Security :


Intel’s True Key password manager outstrips the competition in its multiple factor authentication choices. Once all of its features are fully realized, it will be a top-notch password manager.

10. Zoho Vault :


Zoho Vault does everything a password manager must, though it lacks in form filling and has some other minor limitations. If you don’t need multi-user features, you can use it for free.

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