With the high-level acceptance of social media platforms, the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) concept has gained huge popularity. MLM software is basically a management tool that allows the admin to manage a network, the users and the payment plan. It also allows the end-users in a particular network to keep a track of their income, network status, payouts, and also helps manage their referrals. Many people are taking advantage of this modern business opportunity by participating in companies like Amway, Avon, Rodan & Fields, and many more.

MLM Software

Few benefits of MLM software

  • Better reach to customers – With the use of MLM software, it is possible to reach out to a greater number of users at the same time.
  • Faster onboarding process – This MLM software helps new recruits to go through all the contents available in the content management system and undergo the training modules thus saving a lot of time.
  • Sales insights – The powerful AI-driven reports of the MLM software helps in determining which products are being well-accepted by the consumers. This in-turn helps in deciding the best sales techniques and approaches.
  • Efficient operations – The MLM software tracks the real-time sales of every individual, populates the information, and thereby effectively calculates their commission.

Some of the top MLM software features

Since the concept of MLM involves independent sales associates who work remotely and need to constantly stay in touch with their uplines in the process of expanding their business ventures, the need to count on a user-friendly MLM software is absolutely essential. Some of the top features of MLM are:

  • Customizable – The MLM software is a highly customizable software used for network marketing as per the user’s demand. The compensation plan for this network is one of the most important aspects. The MLM software makes the process of commission calculation very easy as it has the ability to support the complex calculations of almost all compensation plans. It can be customized to different compensation plans like Binary Plan, Unilevel Plan, Matrix Plan, Stair Step Plan, Generation Plan, MLM Gift Plan and Hybrid Plan.
  • Payment gateway – This feature ensures a smooth transfer of funds between the different players in an MLM business. This in-built payment gateway feature is absolutely safe where you don’t need to worry about the security of your transactions.
  • Automatic backup – This exclusive feature saves you from worrying about any loss of data. You have the freedom to restore the software to its previous version at any point of time.
  • Responsive design – This highly responsive format is another exciting feature of the MLM software. It has the ability to adapt to any device like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, etc.
  • Replication of website – This secured MLM software has the facility of website replication. With the help of this feature, every member can have an individual website to promote their MLM products and services.
  • Multi-language – This feature allows people from different parts of the world to use the software. As a user of the MLM software, you can easily shift to a language that you are comfortable in.
  • Multi-currency – This excellent feature also allows people from all over the world to use the software conveniently as they can carry on business in more than one currency. It supports various currencies like the Euro, US Dollar, etc.
  • E-commerce integration – An e-commerce store allows the people involved in MLM businesses to sell their products and services. Thus the MLM software has been provided with an option to be integrated with any e-commerce store.
  • E-pin – The MLM software features the e-pin that ensures that the transactions made are safe and are conducted through secured means. An e-pin is a system-generated number sent to the concerned person during a transaction.
  • E-wallet – This feature allows the user to store a certain amount of money in their e-wallet which can be used any time to carry out the transaction.

Why trust Cloud MLM Software?

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