Best Fitness Trackers

fitness trackers

The fitness trackers can be declared as best when they satisfy all the requirements. Some will just look for step counting and reliable sleep tracking, others want GPS for running, advanced resting heart rate and VO2 max data. A fitness tracker is used to monitor your activity easily with unmatched accuracy.

Here is a list of best fitness trackers for you to get rid of your confusion if you’re thinking of buying one.

1. Fitbit Charge 2:

fitness trackers

Fitbit raised its features with the Charge 2. The usual steps and sleep tracking were logged within Fitbit’s superb app. The Charge 2 tracks heart rate continuously, monitors resting heart rate and now rates VO2 Max, a scientific gauge of fitness. New breathing training to combat stress adds to a stellar line-up of wellness features.

Teething issues with screen responsiveness, a fiddly interface, and flaky heart rate tracking during very intense workouts make for an experience that falls short for the more active user. It will accurately track runs, but you need to take your phone out with you.

However, if general wellbeing is more important to you than getting sweaty at the gym, the Charge 2 is one of the best choices.

2. Garmin Forerunner 225:

fitness trackers

The Garmin Forerunner 235 would satisfy the runners in the way they want. It’s featured with GPS that measures pace and distance while running. It has an optical heart-rate sensor. This can track daily activities like steps and calories. It can display notifications from your iPhone or Android device. It has access to Connect IQ, Garmin’s third-party app store.

It’s sleek and more comfortable to wear. Like most of Garmin’s products, it can be worn in the shower and while swimming as well. But the price of this Garmin product is too high.

3. Misfit Shine 2:

fitness trackers

When the Misfit was relaunched in 2012, it featured tracking steps. The fitness trackers’ design wasn’t ugly to wear around the wrist. The Shine 2 remains faithful to its original features. It now has included redesigned action clip, smartphone notifications, and vibration alerts. Also, the battery life of this tracker makes it include in the best.

When we put the Shine 2 up against a GPS running watch recently, there was a 0.1km difference in the readings. If reliable data is your priority, then this is the one to go with. However, for us, it stands out because of its versatility.

4. Jawbone UP3:

fitness trackers

The Jawbone UP3 has a wonderful automatic sleep tracking option. By monitoring a user’s heart-rate, respiration rate, body temperature and galvanic skin response, it can give you your REM, light, and deep sleep states. It has an excellent battery that can be maintained almost worth for a week. Jawbone has managed to load so many sensors into the body of the UP3.

This tracker measures 220mm x 12.2mm x 3.0mm in size and weighs only 29g. This is very light and seems to be tied nothing on the wrist.

5. Garmin Vivoactive HR:

fitness trackers


Garmin Vivoactive HR helps us in tracking multiple functions. They include running, swimming, cycling, rowing, and hiking. This watch isn’t only meant for athletes but is a fitness band for all. It features all-day activity tracking, smartphone notifications from iPhone and Android devices. It has a built-in optical heart rate sensor and GPS for tracking a variety of activities.

In addition to all this, the watch can track golf, downhill and cross-country skiing, indoor cycling, indoor rowing, walking, strength training and even paddle boarding.

There is a flaw that makes this watch imperfect. That is the screen is dull and the heart rate tracking can’t beat a chest strap.

6. Misfit Ray:

fitness trackers

The Misfit Ray is a stylish and sleek smartwatch. It was designed from the traditional design of its circular Shine tracker to offer a little more intelligent. The Misfit Ray offers to track steps and sleep within it’s sleek and clean app. It will also alert users to messages and calls from a paired smartphone. There are now decent strap options from Misfit, and it can be worn as a pendant. Decent customization mixed with strong fitness tracking and a good price mean you can’t go wrong with the Ray.

These are a small collection of best smart fitness trackers. If you are planning to buy one and being confused to select one, this will help you.

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