Simple Technologies that reduce your regular task load

Simple Technologies that reduce your regular task load

All various technologies in the recent years are much useful for people. There is a slight increase in the price of the devices which will reduce the people’s task. At the beginning of this year, various technologies have been introduced. The PUP pocket scanner, Pilot Frixion Erasable pen, Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer, Vertical Mouse are expected to be very useful for people.

Pilot Frixion Erasable pen is suitable for students and has several highlights. Also, this year, various new technologies are expected to be released soon. Before moving ahead, we would suggest you to check this site to find the best photo scanner in case you have been searching a lot for the best options.

PUP Pocket Scanner:

PUP Pocket Scanner

We use many scanner models of various companies to scan large documents and certificates. But this PUP pocket scanner is just 5.3-inches, you can keep it in the pocket and can go anywhere. Clicking on this device will scan everything like a document and a certificate. It is very easy to use. Moreover, there is connectivity support such as WiFi and Bluetooth. And can be transferred to devices such as mobile and laptop after scanning. It is priced around $169, which is Rs.10,800 in Indian price.

Pilot Frixion Erasable pen:

Pilot Frixion Erasable pen

Pilot Frixion Erasable pen with various features is very useful for students. This pen allows you to edit and correct errors in the book. The back of this device has ink erasable tip. And there are 7 pens in a package. The price of the pen is 10 dollars – the Indian price of Rs.640.

Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

You can take photos in mobile devices print through Polaroid Zip Mobile Printers in 0.5 seconds. Other printer devices will need ‘ink’ to print, but this printer has the new technology called Jing, and the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer is priced at Rs 10,000.

Vertical Mouse:

Vertical Mouse

Vertical mouse technology has come about two years ago, though most of the people do not use it. If you use the mouse for a long time, there are a number of different effects, but the use of the Vertical Mouse will not harm you anyway. Furthermore, various companies started manufacturing it and sell.

Samsung Battery:

Samsung Battery Charges in 5 minutes

Samsung has announced that their phones will soon be equipped with new technology, with five times fast battery charging. if this technology is introduced then users are able to charge a smartphone in just 10 minutes.

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