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Be sincere!

Tell me how many hours you spent imagining yourself as the protagonist and responsible that the party in which you are performing as a DJ is out of control and everyone is dancing to the rhythm of the prime time you have created!
The paparazzi are waiting for you at the exit! Girls cannot wait for you to take off your headphones and get off the stage! Oh yeah, and your next client waits for you a few meters below your stage to offer you endless parties! But chill, keep milking that song!

The scenario I just described is not impossible but what it is indeed almost impossible is that you become a famous DJ if you do not control your equipment well and you make sure to get the most of what is in the market. So you can use all that on your ride out!

In this article, I will show you that with a decent pair of DJ’s Headphones you can make your talent AND your equipment work in your favor!

But first things first

If there are 3 elements that I always looked for in my headphones these were:

A) The response to frequency, the more sensitive your hearing instrument is, the more intense the sound.
B) The weight.
C) The impedance, what you must understand is that the smaller the impedance the better the volume.

Let’s look into the headphones:

Beat Mixrr by Dr. Dre from 199$

Beat Mixrr by Dr. Dre

Low cost! Good!

• With a 3.5 mm plug
• Cable length of 1615 m
• The weight of 0.21 kg THIS is light!
• Height 197 mm.
These headphones are the most accessible on my list and have acceptable performance, perhaps the most recommended on a tight budget!

V-fashion Crossfade LP2 from 215$

V-fashion Crossfade LP2

Customization And Character!

• Weighing only 260gr
• Includes headphones crossfade
• Has a frequency response of 5-30,000Hz
• Sensitivity of 105 dB at 1 kHz 1mW
• Impedance of 32
• You can customize them!
These are the only ones on the market that allow you to customize both sides of it so you can reflect in them your logo or the logo that represents the event in which you are performing.

3. Sennheiser HD 25-1 II from 234$


Sennheiser HD 25-1 II

The Legacy of our predecessors!

• Sound pressure of 2.5N
• Type of headset closed
• Impedance of 70
• Connectors Jack plug 3.5 6.3 mm stereo
• Cordless weight of 1.5 m
• Frequency response of headphones from 16 – 22000 Hz
• Maximum sound pressure level of 120 dB
These are the ones that have one of the best support arcs of all the headsets on the market. At some point, they have been used by many DJs before you or I learned the A side of our favorite long play!

4. Pioneer HDJ – 2000 from 350$

Pioneer HDJ - 2000

It’s from Pioneer to DJs

• 36-ohm impedance
• Type of dynamic and fully closed headphones
• Frequency response of 5-30,000 Hz
• Output sound level 107 dB / mW
• Mini 3P Type 3.5mm Enchife
• Weight 290 grams
• Leather surface with pads
Specifically designed by Pioneer for the DJ niche making it one of the most comfortable on the market!

5. Ultrasone Signature DJ from 950$

Ultrasone Signature DJ

Well, not cheap by anyone`s standards, but I just had to include them. Unquestionable quality!

• Frequency range of 5-32,000 Hz
• 300Gr cordless weight
• 2 detachable cables (spiral cable and straight cable)
• Dynamic and closed principle
• 32 Ohm Impedance
• Conductor of 50 mm Mylar
• SPL of 115 dB
• ULE Technology

They are on the higher side in terms of market price. Manufactured by a German company whose niche is exclusively that of the people dedicated to audio at its best!


I have been in many places and in many parties as the spectator and as DJ and there were always common elements that made those parties very successful. The best DJs I know always took advantage of their sacrifice track or MAJOR song on their repertoire! Do That!

They were always able to “read” their audience, although it is true that we as DJ’s have a structure in our show most of the time, it is always important to be able to “feel” and “read” your audience. Eye contact is important in performance!

Finally, I always enjoy the parties I was in and with the help of the right equipment you can be sure to go spinning it all night long!
Find this helpful? Let us know your favorite headphones!


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Ben Sawyer is a blogger and content contributor, from Queens, NYC.  Currently, he likes to share his knowledge, helping people in any way he can, one article at the time.