Free Offline Android Games For 2017

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Nowadays, the Offline Android games have increased rapidly even more than the increase in smartphones. Usually, anyone who is feeling bored at times and wants to pass their time, they will browse websites. And what if there isn’t any internet connection to your mobile. The only option left with you is offline. But what can be done in offline? Do you think any interesting apps will work in offline? Yes! But not sure that they will pass you out of the boring time. Right!

And what about games? Obviously yes! There are tons of Offline Android games that are free too. Having these offline Android games installed on your mobiles, you will pass all your time in playing them. Moreover, you will be involved while playing, rather you may get addicted to them.

There are some users who wouldn’t like to spend their time passing in playing games. They might be studious and want to read something. Of course, there are quiz related games for these users.

It has become a common thing that nowadays, children are getting involved in playing games on the Smartphones. Children like playing games on Android mobiles rather than on Windows or iOS. Because the count of free offline games on Android is more than in any other OS. We will be looking forward to new games even if we are interested in a particular game in the present times.

The increase in the number of free offline Android games has no limits. Here is a list of top 5 best free Android games for the coming times. Now, let’s have a look over the free offline Android games for 2017.

1. Badland:

Free Android Game - BadLand

Badland is completely an action game. The action takes place in the forest consisting full of strange dwellers, trees, and flowers. As it is taken from a wonderful fairy tale, the forest looks so magical. The player is one of the forest dwellers who will know what is going to happen. Along the way in the forest, he discovers an astonishing number of unique traps and obstacles.

There is a local multiplayer mode in the game. In this mode, up to four players can play from one device. The purpose of the multi-user mode is the survival of the fittest player without observing any rules. There is nothing wrong to push your opponent on the rotating disks of circular saws.

The app has more than 30 million downloads. The number of Badland’s players is constantly growing. The app has a lot of awards in recent years.

2. Quizoid:

Quizoid - Best Quiz Game Android

Quizoid has more than 7,000 trivia question divided into 6 levels. The Quizoid has combined questions from various categories. They included arts, history, geography, language, food, sports, nature, and many other categories.

The quiz will be more interested as there are three modes to choose from. They are a classic, 20 questions, and arcade. In classic mode, you can play taking your own time. In 20 questions, you will be having 20 questions in each stage. And in arcade mode, the player will be having a time limit to pass the level.

This Quizoid adds an interesting thing to the game, i.e., it offers three lifelines to the player in the game. They are 50-50, 2 shots, and skip the question. Another attracting thing about this app is that it is updated regularly. So there isn’t any problem that you will be coming across the same questions. The questions will be changed frequently.

3. Asphalt – Xtreme:

Asphalt Xtreme - Best Car game Android

Usually, games will remind us of racing. More of it, nowadays car racing, bike racing have been constantly increasing with the increase in the offline Android games. And this Asphalt: Xtreme is one among them in which car racing takes place.

The Asphalt 8: Airborne was an older game which is the same car racing. Gameloft has real winners with Asphalt Xtreme and Asphalt 8: Airborne. The former is an offroad style racer with a variety of tracks, online multiplayer, and various vehicles which the user can unlock. Even though, Asphalt 8: Airborne is an older game, it has a metric ton of content for you to play through. Also, it has an online multiplayer and other activities to play.

4. Make More:

Make More Android Game

The plot is centered on a factory for the production of some things. The production may be done on the Rubik’s cubes, car wheel, toys, birdhouses, padlocks and many other things. In this industrial business, you can make a profit at the expense of employees working double tides.

So, you are an owner of a fabric and its time to earn money. Hire fools-workers, train your employees so as to work faster, build new factories to produce new products. You can also complement all the factories to get mega cool trophies. Each factory has its own peculiarities. One fabric produces cakes and candies, other produces all types of agricultural products.

There are surprises and gifts in the game to enhance your productivity. You will make a fortune much faster if the boss gets his cup of coffee. Motivational music will make your employees working as monsters. You’re persecuting a single goal.

5. Smash Hit:

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is one of the games that, will help you in increasing your concentration. It is an endless arcade journey into the heart of the abstract world. For the player to become a winner in the game, you need to throw the ball accurately. Mainly, there is a need of some patience and technique. Although, the game is more exciting.

The game doesn’t have any hero. Our eyes are the main thing for the game. we have to move forward without turning or changing the direction. The only to do is to destroy the glass obstacles in the path with the help of balls.

This game hasn’t much advantage other than the increase in concentration. Although, the game isn’t at all complex but is a high-quality visual component. And it is free to download on Android mobiles.

This is a list of top 5 best offline Android games for 2017 that you can download for free. Enjoy and pass your leisure, boring time with these offline games.

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