Best Download Managers For Windows



We all are familiar with web browsers. Yet, it’s a bit surprising to know that even some quite popular web browsers. They cannot satisfy when it comes to managing downloads such as Mozilla or Google Chrome. You would have hated the lack of resume download feature. It’s exactly one of the reasons why you should use an effective download manager. There are other reasons as well just like enhanced download speed. This is a feature to manage many downloads without affecting browsing experience etc. We have listed  top 5 best download managers for Windows, which we hope will help almost every Pro internet user out there. We hope you’ll be interested in trying out any of these at least for the sake of stable and improved download speed.

1. Free Download Manager


Free Download Manager is referred to as FDM. It is a combination of easy-to-use interface. It is a powerful set of features. Furthermore, FDM is a superb alternative to Internet Download Manager which is premium. There is a noticeable increase in download speed when you use Free Download Manager. The feature to pause & resume downloads anytime is a blessing for those who are from Chrome scenario. Apart from FTP, HTTP and FDM is offering support for torrent downloading as well. It is quick when compared with other tools out there.

Free Download Manager’s notable feature is the ability to store different files in different folders. Such that it makes the total file management experience easier. Additionally, FDM has an integrated media player that helps you view downloaded files without opening another tool. There is a Lite version of Free Download Manager available. This version compromises features as to work smooth on low-configuration PCs.

Free Download Manager is simply a superb download manager for Windows. Especially when you prefer an open-source for free. We loved the no-ad UI as well.

2. Internet Download Manager


Internet Download Manager has been popular as an impressive download manager software. It claims to bring a more or less increased speed and stability during downloads. With popular web browsers out there, apart from integration. IDM gives you command line support and drag-and-drop system support when it comes to managing your downloads. There is a timer,which allows you to schedule your downloads. It has basic download management features. Just like the ability to keep different files in different queue and categories support.

Additionally, when coming to the latest version of IDM. You can see support for Windows 10. This has the ability to get video from MMS protocol support, web-players etc along with a wide range of performance improvements. The feature to set quotas will be quite useful if you have fair usage policy-based connections. You will love the Grabber and Spider if you’re into the developer-based scenario.

Thus, if you are ready to spend, Internet Download Manager will surely enhance the way you download files. Let that be in terms of speed or stability. The cost of that is $29.95!

3. Download Accelerator Plus


Download Accelerator Plus is another free download manager. Its primary intention is to accelerate the speed of the downloads. DAP gives you the best download speed by making use of dynamic download engine. It also finds multiple sources to download a single file. There are also some stunning features in DAP. All these features have been brought using an ultra-simple User Interface that makes sense in the long run. Now, we are speaking about the free version of Download Accelerator Plus. On concord, there’s a premium version with advanced capabilities.

DAP include support for downloading videos from few popular video streaming sites and YouTube. They are the other noticeable features of Download Accelerator Plus. This has the ability to convert YouTube to files to MP3 and download them right away. Its option to play video even before it’s finished, inbuilt video converter, FTP Browser etc. You get more features such as ZIP Preview, Trace Cleaner and File Shredder in the premium version of DAP.

Download Accelerator Plus is a blend of  powerful download engine and easy-to -use User Interface. Obviously, the free version is enough. On concord, you have the freedom to go further by paying $24.95.

4. JDownloader


Another free, open-source software for download management. JDownloader brings standard features in a really convenient form. It helps you pause and resume downloads as you prefer, along with some impressive features. The features are multiple file download option, support for popular content sites such as Vimeo and YouTube. The software is written in Java. Apart from Windows version, JDownloader is available for Linux, Mac, and other developer-based things. We would say JDownloader is for those who download a lot, in terms of comparison.

For example, JDownloader gets a new IP address when a particular service has blocked your IP from availing full level speed. Also, the availability of around 300 plugins will help you deal with various services such as WordPress and UCMS. What makes this open-source software different is the availability of 24-hour support. It helps you clear queries and doubts of yours. For looks and UI, you have features such as supporting various themes and many languages. JDownloader is a minimalistic solution for download managing despite all these features.

JDownloader is indeed a good-to-go solution not only for Windows but also Linux and Mac. This is when you prefer open-source and free to the premium ones.

5. DownThemAll


Actually,DownThemAll is not a standalone download manager. On Concord, an extension for Mozilla Firefox browser. It is capable of bringing you advanced management features inside the free browser. Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to compare DownThemAll with the fully-fledged download managers. It’s definitely an impressive solution when you need enhancing downloading speed. The customization of downloads as per priority of yours. There are also some impressive features.

While the complete integration with Mozilla Firefox gives maximum results. The feature to spider pages will be quite useful in the long run. You have auto-renaming features if you go to another aspect. Altogether, DownThemAll is one of the best built-in download manager you are going to have just within Mozilla. By the way, It’s as simple as that.

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