10 Facebook Tips

At present Facebook is the most popular and usable social network in all. So for this, we try to give top 10 Facebook tips. Follow these steps given below,

Hide users, games, polls, etc.

It rapidly gets irritate by seeing some users’ posts, game invites, and polls, so on. Moving your mouse to the right of the post and hitting the Hide button as given below can hide any post. Once pressing the button you’ll have the option to hide that person or for Facebook application the option to hide that application always showing up on your profile.

10 Facebook Tips

To unhide anyone or unblock an application hit on the Edit Options link which is at bottom right corner of the news feed as given below.

10 Facebook TipsGreasemonkey and FB Purity

Even though Facebook doesn’t give you the option to hide friends, friend requests, or various notifications, but it is possible using browser add-ons. If you’re running Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari we advise installing the Facebook Purity add-on.

Update your privacy settings

Hit on Account in the top right corner of the Facebook window and then click Privacy settings to regulate who is able to see your Facebook profile. We extremely suggested going throughout all the privacy settings to verify your privacy is appropriately protected.

Whatever thing that is not set to friends only or friends of friends can be seen by anyone hunting on the Internet. Below are a few things we suggested for most users.

Below Search in Privacy settings unchecks Public Search Results. Regulating the settings stops users from checking your account and profile picture in search results like Google

Under Application settings, ensure you’re only permitting applications you like to have access to your information. Applications that you allowance rights to can have entrée to your Facebook profile information.

Use the Facebook top bar for navigation

10 Facebook TipsKnowing how to correctly navigate is essential if you like to get the most out of Facebook. We mentioned below about the brief description of each of the available options in the top bar as shown above.

Home (facebook logo) – Hitting this logo gets your wall (News Feed) that shows all friends recent posts.

Friend requests – If any friend, request you to make them as a friend by sending a friend request this option shows a notification of how many friends requests you have till on that day. This icon can also be clicked when you like to see any friend recommendations or look for friends on Facebook.

Messages – This icon offers you to send and receive private messages to any one of your friends.

Notifications – Any one of your friends or Facebook application makes a new post you’ll be notified in this icon. Hitting this icon views all recent notifications. To modify notifications plus any Facebook applications or games hit on the See All Notifications link at the bottom and check or uncheck what you wish to be notified on.

Search – At last, the search box in Facebook can be the main tool that can be used to rapidly find any recent friends or people on Facebook. In addition, finding for terms like a company name, product, sports team, music band, etc. will find fan pages and groups that can be joined.

Modify your account notifications

Maintain your e-mail and your cell phone fresh by updating or remove Facebook notifications or stay more up-to-date by adding recent notifications. Facebook notifications can be added and removed by hitting Account link in the top right corner, after Account Settings, and then clicking the Notifications tab.

Top News and Most Recent

10 Facebook TipsBy default Facebook views your wall postings in the News format, which means it only shows posts it supposes are most related to you. These results depend on your past interaction with your friends. If you like to see every post made by your friends that are not hidden hit on the Most recent link in the upper right section of your news feed like as shown in the above picture example.

If you like to regulate who shows up manually hit on the Edit Options in the bottom right corner of your news feed.

10 Facebook TipsView High School work friends

If you’ve added your High School or earlier Work locations to your profile, rapidly see all classmates and co-workers on Facebook by entering to the link in your Info tab under your profile.

Hastily change profile picture

Your profile picture can be altered by visiting your profile, moving the mouse over your present profile picture, and hitting the Change Picture link in the top right corner.

Don’t post private information on friend’s walls on in comments

When you create a post on a friend’s wall or in one of their comments realize that any of their friends are able to see that post. If you like for something to remain only among you and a friend send them a Facebook message as an alternative.

Suggestions and random friend invite

As you obtain more friends on Facebook it will start making a friend, groups, and fan suggestions. These suggestions made by Facebook but not your friends. But for these are something you’re engrossed in they can be mistreated.

Like this rule is applied to people who may like to be your friend that you don’t know. If you don’t know somebody doesn’t accept his or her friend invite. If anyone becomes your friend, they able to any information your friends are capable of seeing.

Tag your Facebook friends in your photos

Always confirm to tag any of your friends that are in pictures you upload. Though, don’t tag someone who is not in the picture. While someone is tagged in a picture that picture is automatically added to that people profile and is a good way to share pictures with all friends.

This is all about Top 10 Facebook Tips.

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