Best VirtualBox Alternatives for Windows


Do you look for VirtualBox Alternatives Softwares to run secondary OS into your computer, then you are in the right place? At the time your actual primary OS is something else, VirtualBox is one of the best ways to run a secondary OS. This comes very handily for testers and developers to run a full-fledged Windows OS while then can run any other OS for some developers work. Tremendously, The need for this has grown so many new alternatives has started to come forward which can serve as VirtualBox.

Cool VirtualBox Alternatives You Can Use

The real problem is which one to go for and which one can actually help solve your problem. The list which can help you take a look at the top 10 VirtualBox alternatives here.

1) VMware Workstation Pro



VMware Workstation Pro is one of the elite programs present in the market. They are top of their league. The company has an experience of 15 years which is amazing to apply a thoughtful research behind VMware. This software can be used for virtually converting your OS to any other OS.

The same software also helps you replicate screens of mobiles and tablets. You can sync the VMware Workstation using cloud so that you can use it anywhere you want to is the best part. This software is mostly focused at IT professionals and developers. It is priced at $249 per license.



QEMU is one of the most heard names among software which let you use other OS than your original. It helps you use an OS as a virtual OS for development but, your main OS still remains different. This also provides a lot of features which one can need for using a virtual OS on his machine.

The software is very well built and comes with a lot of tools. This comes in handy for development purpose. The software is very popular. But still called complicated when comes to usage.

3) VMware Workstation Player



VMware Workstation Player is a light version of VMware Workstation Pro. This also provides a lot of features and tools which you need to successfully run a second OS on the first one.

This Workstation player is one of the best present in the market. This is the best choice if you need something solid and good for personal use. It is available free for personal use. On Concord, if you are using it for commercial use then it ‘ll cost you $150.

4) coLinux


coLinux is the way to use Linux and Windows at the same time. This is distributed as a distro of Kernel which good for many users. coLinux’s best part is it’s open and free source. So you do not have to worry about its cost.

However, you can run Linux using this on Windows PC and it supports all Windows above Window 2000. This is one of the best alternatives to run Linux smoothly on a Windows PC. It’s one of the most preferred software as well.

5) VMware Fusion Pro


VMware Fusion Pro or VMware Fusion is your best alternative for VirtualBox if you are a MAC user. VMware Fusion/Pro helps you run Linux or Windows on OS X which is Apple’s MAC OS. This software is so well built you can run any Windows software on MAC without any problem and with ease.

Even if you want to use features like Windows or Cortana live search. Also VMware Fusion/Pro helps you do that. It provides you a solid and complete way to run Windows and Linux on MAC under $200 for Pro. If you do not want Pro then Fusion costs just $80.

6) Windows Virtual PC


If you are a Windows user and browsing for something which can help you run other Windows on your current Windows then Windows Virtual PC is for you. This is a technology which is developed by Microsoft. And they say it very advanced for using any Windows.

Windows Virtual PC is made by Microsoft such that you can use any Linux or Windows on your current Windows with all the features you want in second Windows. t mainly works for running Windows so you can be assured that it is a solid solution for VirtualBox.

7) Parallel Desktop

 Parallel Desktop

Parallel Desktop is one of the clear and the best competition to VMware Fusion/Pro. This helps MAC users to run Windows on their desktop and that too without compromising anything.

Not only Windows but, Parallel Desktop also allows you to run Chrome OS and Linux on your MAC. Though it has a coherence mode where you can use two different OS almost side by side. The software is very much recommended and very well built.

8) Kernel Virtual Machine


Kernel Virtual Machine is one of the most preferred virtual OS programs to run Linux on your current OS. It is very well built and provides a solid solution to run Linux or modified version of Linux. The professional Virtualization program is build for Linux system that runs on x 86 hardware systems.

9) Portable VirtualBox


Portable VirtualBox is very easy to judge by the name. It’s portable and it’s a VirtualBox program. The best part is that it’s open and free source so you can easily get it and use it.

Since it is a portable program, it doesn’t need to install before using. You can have it on the system or in a PenDrive. With Portable VirtualBox you do not need to worry about where the virtual machines are as it’ll take care of it on its own.

10) MobaLiveCD


MobaLiveCD is a portable Linux VirtualBox alternative program. This helps you run Linux on Windows OS by using just a CD. It is a portal program and thus works perfectly from the CS. That means this program doesn’t need to be installed first. For being the engine of the virtual environment, this program uses QEMU. The process goes smoothly.

They all are very well tested over time and provide a nice user experience. These are the Top best VirtualBox alternatives which you can use without any hassle.

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