Best Video Editing Apps

Best Video Editing Apps

Videos are the best things that we get entertained by watching them in leisure times. There are seconds videos that make us amuse and long videos too. Sometimes it happens that we also shoot videos on our mobile. But the thing is we want only some parts of the video and eliminate the unnecessary parts. Or we wish to make a video out of the photos which we have. For this, we need a video editing apps on our mobile.

The video editing apps will allow us to cut out the boring and unwanted bits in a video clip. These apps can not only cut the video but also can drop transitions and add soundtracks into the videos. There are various kinds of video editing apps that can help you in this process. How will you select the best ones among them is the question here.

So are we here to clear you out of this by picking up the best video editing apps for your mobile. I’m sure, you will be more satisfied with the list since they are meant for what you exactly want.

1. iMovie:

iMovie for iPhone

The first that we have to learn is to make a video from a collection of photos in our mobile. This app will help us splice the selected photos together to bring out a video. But no one wishes to see any video without any sound or music. Thanks to this app, It can add titles, music, sounds, voiceovers to make a good video. This video editing app is available on iOS devices.

2. WeVideo:

WeVideo for mobile

This is a video editing app which will help you to make videos and share them on social networks like FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, and many others. You can easily add themes, filters, music, effects, transitions, emojis, voiceovers, and other artistic elements to make your video more effective. There are some pre-existing themes, music, transitions, effects, filter in the gallery of this app. You can make use of them if needed. This WeVideo video editor is very easy to use. Even children can make their own videos for presentations in their school.

3. Quik:

Quik for mobile

Quik video editing app was formerly known as “Replay” which was designed for Instagram users. With Quik video editing app, a video is ready in just a few taps. You can collect the required photos and videos from the gallery, Google photos, FaceBook, or from any other storage space. Quik video editor analyzes your photos to sync them with the beat of the music, add transitions and effects to the video accordingly. You can even customize your video with captions, texts, music, filter, and more. This app can churn 75 photos and videos from your gallery. It can also choose from the 25 video styles (in -built in the app itself) and adjust the fonts, filters, and graphics from any video styles. Android and iOS users can use this app getting it installed on their devices.

4. Magisto:

Magisto for iOS and Android mobile

Magisto is one of the Video Editing apps that puts together the photos, videos, and music. It executes the final resultant video in a very professional manner. You just need to choose the video editing style and Magisto will take over the remaining work to create a complete and perfect video. It can apply automatic video stabilization, facial recognition, video filters, video effects, and smooth transitions. This can be supported on both iOS and Android devices.

5. KineMaster Pro:

KineMaster Pro for Android mobile

KineMaster Pro is the only video editing app that supports multiple layers of video, images, and text. It also includes precise cutting and trimming, multi-track audio, precise volume envelope control, color LUT filters, 3D transitions, and much more. There’s also a handwriting layer that lets you draw directly on the video. This is a very powerful video editing apps which are good for manual control over the process. This app is supported to download only on Android devices.

6. PowerDirector:

PowerDirector for Android mobile

PowerDirector video editor offers timeline video editing, free video effects, a photo video editor, slow motion, and other good stuff such as voice over, action movie effects, and transitions. Rotate, split or trim video. Videos can also be created in slow motion. It just needs to change the video speed to produce a slow-motion video. By adding videos from your timeline, you can get editing instantly and share the result directly on YouTube and Facebook. Only Android mobiles will support to install this app.

7. LumaFusion:

LumaFusion for iOS devices

LumaFusion is designed to produce efficient videos. It’s mainly aimed at mobile journalists and filmmakers. The app includes multi-track editing with real-time preview, animations, effects and transitions, and powerful titles. It’s the closest you’ll get to a desktop-style video editing app. It can be installed on iOS devices.

8. Movie Edit Touch:

movie edit touch for windows phone

The Movie Edit Touch video editing app is generously featured to works almost like iMovie app. This app allows you to make frame-by-frame edits, join up clips with neat transitions, add titles and soundtracks. The result which this app exports will be like HD movies. It’s a fast and powerful app for video editing and making. Thanks for this app that it has been designed keeping in mind the Windows Phones”.

9. LumaFX:


The LumaFX can be used for adding additional effects and speed changes to the resultant video of LumaFusion. This app is most helpful in fixing single clips. With a few taps, you can flip, reorient and rotate footage, adjust its speed and aspect ratio, and apply all other effects. If you are a known user to LumaFusion, it seems simple to use LumaFX. LumaFX is designed to support iOS devices.

10. Splice:

Splice Editor

Splice editor enables you to import and arrange clips, each of which can be individually edited. And it is a free app to download on your iPhone. You can add text, transitions, and filters. The speed can be adjusted and there are multiple audio tracks. These audio tracks include voiceovers for a video.

Destructive trimming within clip edits is the only feature that makes you disappoint with this app. The trims and cuts in this app can subsequently be removed from edited photos with a single tap. But this workflow lacks the flexibility needed for experimentation. Otherwise, Splice is one of the best video editing apps to quickly edit movies.

This is a list of the best video editing apps that help you in making, editing, trimming, and cutting your videos. Making a video needs only the photos (selected) in your gallery and the remaining work which will be taken over by the app itself.

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