Best Sites To Add Amazing Effects

Sites To Add Amazing Effects

We love to edit our photos ao that they look unique from others photos. We wish to add amazing effects to our photos. We can make use of Photoshop and this has been used for years because of its features for editing a photo. But not everyone is aware of using Adobe Photoshop to edit photos and add any effects. Do you think there is any alternative for editing photos or adding effects to them? Yes, of course! There are a number of sites to add amazing effects to your photos. And here are we with the best collection.

These are the best and very simple photo editor sites to add amazing effects to your photos. I’m sure, these photo editor tools will make your photos look beautiful and people will admire them. These are the best sites to add amazing effects and unique styles to your photos. These websites always have different and unique templates to help you achieve the effective results.

Try these sites to add amazing effects to your photos with just a few clicks and make use of whenever you need these sites to add amazing effects.

Let’s get to know the best sites to add amazing effects to the photos.

1. TiltShiftMaker:


Tilt shift will allow you to bring a 3D effect to the photos. And as we know, 3D images make flat images to pop up on the page as they seem in the reality. This is the one used now by the professional photographers to edit images. This site has a two-fold process where the “tilt” adjusts the orientation of the plane of focus and the “shift” moves the location of the photo’s subject.

You will get done with this process with just a few clicks. And you will remain with an amazing photo. And you can see the difference between the normal picture and the photo after adding the effects. I’m sure, you will be amazed by its result.

2. Ribbet:


This is a photo editing tool that has two major features: adding filters and effects and creating collages. There is a huge number of effects to add to a photo which includes Sepia, soften, vignette. The screen can also be altered with wacky concepts such as the silver screen, black and white, and others. There are a plethora of layouts and designs for the photo collage.

The best thing is that it allows the user to add stickers and text to your image.

3. Pixlr:


Pixlr is an easy-to-use photo editor which seems one of the best alternatives to Photoshop on the Internet. Pixlr has almost all the options similar to that of Photoshop. Some of the unique options in Photoshop that are added with This Pixlr editor are “Glamour Glow” (below), “Mimic HDR,” and “Night Vision.”

This is one of the excellent sites to add amazing effects to the images saved on your Chromebook since it is a web app.

4. Rollip:


This app is provided with more than 80 templates to choose from. You can pick any of the effects for free and upload your photo to the sites to add amazing effects to your photo. The post-filter editing options are limited. These sites allow you to add text and you can even change the border.

5. PhotoFaceFun:


It is fun to edit our friends’ photos and add rabbit ears, dog tongues, cats eyes, and much more. And what would be the perfect site for this to do it better is the “PhotoFaceFun” website. As the name of this site suggests that it’s packed with effects and overlays for portraits and selfies. This app has a special feature that you can replace a face in the photo with anything else like a balloon, a bauble.

It is more fun with this site when you make unique photos and new differently created styles that may be ridiculous.

6. PhotoFunia:


PhotoFumia is a website similar to that of PhotoFaceFun. But this is set to place a complete picture instead of just a small part of the image like replacing the face, eyes, or anything in particular. In this site, you can add an image to another image. Sometimes, both the images seem to synchronize with each other depending on the background or the image. This site has a plenty of backgrounds and concepts on which you can apply your images to admire people who see those.

7. Pictonize:


This is an easy-to-use website in which only two steps are involved. The user needs to upload the photo and choose the desired effect for that photo and the amazing edited picture is ready!

There are four categories of effects: Cool effects, grayscale effects, shape effects, and level effects. Each of these categories has nearly 500 filter effects to apply to your photos. These effects make the picture look unique among thousands of images.

8. BeFunky:


BeFunky is one of the best tools to turn your images into cartoon, painting, pop art likeliness or anything differently. But the flaw with this website is that you can see a watermark image on one of the corners of the picture after editing the image. You can either paste your photo onto a large canvas before uploading the picture or edit it in Photoshop after downloading the final product.

9. Glitter Photo:

Glitter Photo


By the name of the website, it can be said that this is used to make objects in the photo sparkle. This can be mainly used to create shining and glittering pictures. You can even add glittering text and background effects to the image. The glittery effects can either be downloaded as a static image or saved as a GIF file if you wish to include some animation.

Not only shiny and glittery effects, there are a huge number of effects that can be chosen from to add to the photo.

10. PhotoMania:


This website has hundreds and thousand of effects like the Instagrams. You can choose the effects to add them to your photos. It has an e-card creation tool which none of these websites on this list has.

So, these are the list of the best sites to add amazing effects to the photos. Make use of these websites and have fun playing with the photos. Also, these effects will help you have admiring photos that cannot be obtained in reality but looks quite natural.

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