Story of a Kerala Young Entrepreneur – TNM Jawad

TNM Jawad


The practice started on a computer given as a gift has brought in various facilities today in his life. At the age of 21, he lives a luxury life with a company, which earns 2 crore rupees a year, a house and a BMW car. The name of the young man from Kannur in Kerala is T.N. Muhammed Jawad. The young man who worked hard with confidence was born in a small village. The success story of the young man will make your pulse rise.

TNM Jawad is the Managing Director of TNM Online Solutions. The company has customers across the globe, dealing with technologies including multi-crore rupees worth of e-commerce (web design), web design, application development and IT consultancy. The question may arise as to how he can do this tremendous achievement. He has responded to the path he passed. It’s more interesting.

Father’s gift – Computer

For the 10-year-old kid, his dad has provided a computer with Internet connection. The 10-year-old boy is using it in creative and possible ways. His father created a Gmail account with his name. I’m stuck in the same name with the user id. At that time Google recommended TNM Jawad. This name impressed me. I thought I had a good start for everything in life.

Initially, social media websites including Orkut, I tried to get to know everything. I’ve taken many hours to create a website for the rest of my school time. You should not assume that I’m addicted to the computer. I’ve spent that in useful ways.

Growth in Web Design

Then I learned how to create web pages (blogging), web designing (website). I created many blogs for myself. Then I have created a website for my friend Srinak who studied 10th grade with me. We both were very interested in web related things. But since we do not have money to buy a dot-com domain, we’ve used the free domain for our hunger.

Jawad, who has stated that these efforts do not affect schooling, also added that he was the class topper. He said that during holidays, he learned about how the website operates. Jawad, who later became aware of the website development, started a company called TNM Online Solutions. He said he had advertised on Facebook as a website created in a thousand rupees. He said that there was a lot of problems in the development of his website and he had to meet the complaints.

I realize that the technical knowledge is not enough at this time. I visited web design companies in Kannur, where I saw their work. A future was waiting for me in the form of a teacher who saw the post on the social website. The teacher asked his brother to teach him.

I created the first website for his TNM Online Solutions Pvt Ltd and got the first rewards from the teacher. His mother was shocked when he gave 2500 rupees. Because the father returned to India from Dubai as the financial crisis. The family is in the grip of poverty and economically worsened. Dad helped him start the company with 1 lakh rupees.

At the time of the financial crisis, TNM Jawad was working in the IT Academy in Kannur. They paid him a similar salary to a software engineer. He is thankful to his teachers Jibin and Daniel.

Muhammed Jawad, who met with various difficulties, started the TNM Online Solution in South Bajar on June 23, 2013. At age 17, he returned from school and worked at the office until 9 o’clock. Today he is a millionaire.

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