Stunning Photos With Smartphones

stunning photos

Smartphone cameras have been dramatically improving more than the technology of smartphones. And there are a plethora of photo editing softwares on the smartphones. We can take snaps and change them accordingly to look as stunning photos. But the main thing is how we can take stunning photos? It’s not the matter of editing them after capturing.

We always make our memories through the smartphone cameras. But I’m sure every smartphone user can not capture images as professionals usually do. We do edit our photos as we like after taking the snaps. It is easy to capture stunning photos if we put effort to learn “how to”. What is the way to learn? Here are we for.

Here are some tips to let you completely know how to take stunning photos with your smartphone. These tips help you mostly escape from editing photos with photo editing Softwares or apps after capturing. So you need not worry about editing those photos you have captured after learning these tricks. Here we go!

1. Know Your Camera:

Use the smartphone’s camera to the extent it can be used. We often take the pictures which we can capture. This time try taking unexpected ones that anyone wouldn’t normally take snapshots. Know the settings of the camera to vary brightness, resolution, the mode of capturing and all other functions. They should be unique to your native camera app. And keep on capturing new views and you will be perfect at times.

2. Get a close image:

We get a tiny object that remains unrecognizable when it is captured from a distant place. Generally, when we are far from the subject which we want to capture, we go for an option called “Zoom”. And obviously, we can’t get the picture clarity as we zoom in the camera for a particular subject. Rather, we can get closer to the subject and capture the main picture. This will fill the viewfinder and results in the best quality image.

3. Rule of Thirds:

To place the subject in the center of the frame, you might be inclined. This may give an unnatural image as it may feel at first. Instead, you can use the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is to divide the frame into three equal sections, both horizontally and vertically. These lines are visible while taking pictures in some smartphone cameras when they are set in the settings. The points where these lines intersect are where you should place points of interest in the frame. You can clearly note the difference.

4. Get the right light:

Natural lighting will always produce a better shot with realistic color than a photo taken with a camera flash, especially for portrait shots. Mostly look for a strong artificial light even if you wish to take a snap in a cloudy place. Either you can see for ways to reflect a little natural light over there. Things like a large piece of white posterboard or a sunshade for your car dashboard can help illuminate your subject.

5. Keep The Lens Clean:

Sometimes it happens that it looks like you have captured some unrecognizable shape in the picture. It may almost look like a ghost. But what exactly is that? Chances are there that it may be due to the dust on the smartphone camera lens. So it may be better if you clean your lens to get you with a crystal clear image.

6. Take Snaps with background:

While taking snaps, we concentrate on the main subject and leave the background. But the background of any images matters so that it sometimes even gives life to the main pictures. We take picture of people and leave the background apart. What we miss in this type of snapshots are the memories. Yes! We capture photos as our memories to be saved. The background makes the picture more memorable and more personal.

7. Photo-editing tools:

Finally, after everything is perfect or not, photo editing will be useful. The photo editing tools will help the picture look more like whatever we want. We can make an animated picture out of the original one. Or it can look more lively and what not can be done by the photo editing tool. Make use of the photo editing tool to its best to give the best stunning photos.

Follow all these tips to take stunning photos with your smartphone camera. This will make your memories look more personal and professional for those who view your photos. Irrespective to the camera app on the smartphone, the way of capturing an image matters more. We can practice to making the images being captured look more lively. Apart from the pixels of the camera, capturing an image perfectly will feel good to view the image.

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