There is nothing as uncomfortable as not knowing what to expect once one has been informed that it’s imperative that you undergo laser eye surgery. The first step is establishing the facility where the laser eye procedure will be performed. It is essential that you find out which eye specialists in Sydney will perform the procedure. However, the main aspect is how you prepare for this surgery. Here are six additional tips that will assist an individual in preparing for the laser eye surgery

laser Eye Surgery

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Tips to Prepare for The Laser Eye Surgery

  1. Medical History

    Always ensure that the doctor is aware of your medical history and any eye-related health issue that you might have. However, if you are scared of the operation, speak out. This is really common so never shy away from projecting your fears. Let’s take for an instance you decide to select the surgery to be performed by Sydney laser eye surgeons. They know better about the local weather conditions to help you get with it. Discuss with the doctor any health problems that you have had in the past or in the present. Moreover, inform the doctor of any medications that you are taking and those that you are allergic to. You can consider reading the experiences of people who have experienced this type of surgery.

  1. Suitability

    It is essential for you to be examined by the surgeon. This checkup will establish whether you are suitable to undergo laser eye surgery or not. Therefore, the surgeon will perform a number of tests such as vision and prescription testing, cornea thickness, eye pressure, and pupil dilation. However, you shouldn’t worry or speculate whether these tests are painful since they are not. This is actually a safe procedure, there is no need to panic.

  1. Avoid eye make-up

    A day before the laser eye procedure is performed, keep your eyes clean and avoid any makeup whatsoever in order to avoid getting an infection.

  1. Consider moving from contact lenses to glasses

    In case you are used to wearing contact lenses then ensure that you have them taken out perhaps one week before the surgery. Moreover, if you have hard lenses then ensure that they are removed 28 days prior to the surgery. The reasoning behind this is that contact lenses tend to alter the shape of the cornea. Consequently, this might produce inaccurate measurements during the surgery. Consider wearing your glasses during the period just before the surgery is performed. Additionally, you will also require them after the procedure. This is due to the fact that your eyes might be sensitive and susceptible to infection. Therefore, contact lenses might delay the recovery process.

  1. Get a friend to accompany you

    When proceeding for the surgery, ensure that you have someone who will take care of you preferably a spouse or a friend. However, if you prefer a relative, contact them beforehand so that they can prepare themselves adequately. Your doctor will give you a pre-surgery sedative with the intention of protecting your eyes. In addition to this, it will also limit you from performing simple tasks such as driving. Additionally, you will need someone to lean on once the surgery is complete. Therefore, ensure that you have made conclusive prior arrangements with whoever you will choose as a companion.

  1. Carry a podcast for entertainment

    Once the surgery is performed, you will be asked to rest your eyes. In addition to this, you will also not be allowed to stare at your computer, mobile phone or television. It is best to sleep at this particular time. However, you can carry an essential gadget like a podcast which doesn’t involve your eyes to keep you entertained as you wait to be discharged.

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