Tinder App is Now Perfectly Encrypted

Tinder App

Tinder is a modern dating app. A bug was detected in this app from January to March this year. This made it possible for hackers to take the user’s personal photos when they are using the public wireless connection. Within a month, Tinder corrected it and replaced the app with more security than before.

The Tinder app is capable of providing high protection. Thus the information sent from the user to the tinder server is fully encrypted. According to the information published by Beebom, Tinder has reportedly explained this problem to Sen.

Ron Wyden has also demanded that the photos shared in the Tinder app are encrypted. The Israeli-based Start-Up company has reported that Tinder Drift’s name could be easy to steal user photos in the app. In view of this, Senator announced that Tinder app safety has to be increased.

Until this problem arises, messages in Tinder are not encrypted. This allows users to easily hack photos. By February, however, Tinder decided to encrypt the photos shared in his work and changed the quantity levels so that the hackers could not find the simplest atmosphere.

Tinder has also corrected the error that hackers have had on account of the tinder users’ mobile numbers being linked to Facebook. Tinder is safer with the new update, and now it is not so easy for hackers.

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