Does the Indian constitution need to be changed?

Rewrite Indian Constitution

Yes, we got freedom 70 years back and we are still being termed as Developing country and will be termed as the same even after 70 years unless we change our country laws, rules and policies i.e Constitution. There is a saying from a long time that Change will always start from a single person. But, we cannot expect 130 crore people to change and strive hard for development. So, Change should start from our leaders/politicians/ministers or our Constitution itself.

India being a secular country has no unity in diversity. we have multiple religions with multiple castes in-turn. We have multiple languages with multiple slangs/dialects in-turn. We have multiple classes in people with multiple income groups in-turn. So, unity among these politicians is least expected. Every leader is selfish. These ministers only work to loot money for themselves or their family or their community. If any leader in our country works for people then he will obviously get attacked/killed by opposition parties.

I feel this following ideology may change or help our country to become a Developed country in all aspects.

Indian Constitution Ideas

As I said earlier Change should start from our leaders/politicians/ministers. So we must keep a minimum qualification for these public servants. What should be that minimum qualification?
B. Tech ! M. Tech! M.B.A ?? No, not at all.
He/She should always love his/her country.

Yes, we should make our Indian soldiers as our leaders/politicians/ministers. Our constitution should recruit many soldiers into Indian Army/Navy/Military. Citizens who serve our nation, who fought for our nation, who can also die for the nation are Real Heroes. Unfortunately, we idolize our Cinema artists as our Heroes. We have to recruit people into Indian defense services from every constitution in every district of all states across the country. They must be trained effectively to serve India for at least 10 years from 20-30. There won’t be any elections to select our ministers for our constitution. At the age of 30, these soldiers must return to their home place and become Ministers based on credits/rankings given from Indian defense department. In that way, we can avoid pro-religious and pro-caste related leaders. We Indians not only have enemies at borders but also internally at each and every place to loot all resources. So soldiers must fight these enemies internally. A literate philanthropistic Soldier is far better than illiterate inhuman old aged people as Minister.

India is having 4 quarters for a financial year. At each quarter end, there must be Income tax raids on all these Soldiers turned ministers. It’s just to avoid corruption. Because there are some greedy fools who serve India for 10 years just to loot to money after becoming Ministers. There must be a rule from the Indian government in such a way all these ministers last 4 months(quarterly) transactions must be published to the public.

When there are no political parties in India that is the day we start stepping towards a No corruption country. We must recruit Central and State Ministers based on their qualification. There must be an accurate relevancy for their qualification and designation. For example, Indian Finance minister must be recruited from top IIM’s with that relevant Finance degree. Reservations like SC, ST can still continue but not for Rich people in those categories. Basically, Reservations must be income based not caste based. We have low-income group people in all religions and castes. So there must be a change in Reservations system.

Noone in India can command or gain control over other citizens. We all are equal before the law. Our rules must be so strong in such a way every citizen must have a death fear to commit a crime. Death sentence for Rape. 10 years jail for theft even if the amount is 10000 worth. Fines must be so high to avoid Traffic rules violation. 10 days jail for Drunk and Drive with 5000/_ fine. Every citizen must have a right to report rules violation at nearest police stations. No One must be spared for the violations. Neither the police nor ministers.

The government must build rehabilitation centers for Beggars who are physically challenged and can’t survive easily. Parents must be jailed if child labor is encouraged. Teachers must be rusticated if there are no proper teaching standards. Children must be taught with good Humanity values to kill evil selfish thoughts. There must be fear for every citizen to commit the mistake. Government officers must work for people not to fill their pockets. Common man must have the feasibility to report higher officials if any government officials are taking the bribe.

We must elect our Prime minister and President directly who can safeguard our country from all forms of difficulties like Terrorism, Corruption, Unemployment, Financial crisis. We must not look to West for our Financial development. When everything is fine here in India people won’t migrate to other countries either for studies or jobs. Yes, we can expect proper Roads, Railways, Irrigation, Healthcare, Education, Employment, Electricity, Drinking Water and many more facilities as we are paying taxes. Every citizen has right to question Government when something is going wrong.

Yes, it’s the time to rewrite our Constitution. We can’t continue with same old rules and policies written on 26 January 1950. Even Ambedkar will rewrite fresh book with fresh rules if he is alive now. The Constitution must be changed accordingly to the current circumstances. It should actually help people for Better Living. Hope, we get a day sooner with a revised version of our Constitution which actually represents Of the people, By the people, For the people.


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