Scientist Quit his job in the US and Started earning in lakhs by Sheep rearing

This guy quit his job to start goat farming and earn in lakhs

While studying at school, many of us may get scolding from teachers and parents, that you will go to the sheep farming. In those, many of us will be doing jobs abroad in a high category. Can you believe that the US scientist Abhishek has resigned from the job and earns lakhs of rupees every year from goat farming? Many of the children currently in the country are in foreign dreams.


Abhishek Scientist

In 2008, he graduated from the University of Panchaprao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth and after that, he graduated with a master’s degree. Later he graduated with a doctorate in Louisiana State University. In 2013, he completed his doctorate and has worked as a scientist at the University where he studied for only two years. But in this, he is not satisfied.

India Visit

When he said to his family in India that about his decision, they welcomed on his decision at home. But his family and relatives protested against it when he said he would do farming.But Abhishek, who was in the forefront, leased 20 acres of land and started developing sheep. At the start of farming with 120 goats, his farm now has over 400 sheep.

Goat Farming

Abhishek will do all the work by himself to get the goats clean, without much heartedness. Maize and millets also cultivated in 6 acres of land.


Now generating revenues of Rs 12 lakh per year through sheep farm, Abhishek’s income will increase as the number of sheep in the coming years will increase. Abhishek is now helping those who are interested in goat farming. He has started a free workshop for this. He is advising many farmers to get benefits from goat farming.

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