The Best iPhone and iOS tips

iPhone and iOS tips, tricks

Here are the best iPhone and iOS tips, tricks and shortcuts that you probably did not know on covering the brilliant features in iOS 9, iOS 8 and earlier versions also.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

A collection of tips showing some useful features of iPhone with iOS 9.

Keep notifications off the Lock screen

If you need the app’s notifications to appear only when your iPhone is unlocked, move to Settings -> Notifications. click the app, then turn off the option Show on Lock Screen.

Pano in the other direction

Before you start shooting in Pano mode, tap the arrow to reverse the direction. To stop shooting, start moving the camera the other way.

Listen to Apple Music offline

If you are a member of Apple Music, you can download albums, playlists or songs to listening your leisure time or whenever you are interested to listen. In the Music app, you can find something you need, click Action menu, then click Add button. click download icon next to the item to download it.

Quickly save email drafts

While you compose a message, the title should be dragged at the top of the screen to the bottom. Drafts remain there until you click to retrieve them.

The above videos are about the iOS 9 Tips.

An iPhone is impressive tool consisting the hundreds of brilliant features but there is myriad of hidden tricks and features those you  may not have existing realised until now. We have selected our favourite iPhone tips and tricks that helps you achieve the things fast and easier, a long time ago you will wish you would known about them.

For additional information get the most out of the iOS device, take a glance on our iOS 9 review, our iOS 9 tips and our advanced iOS 9 tips. But for now, move to the next slide to discover some of the best iPhone specific tips and hidden features out there. You might get surprised for how much the iPhone of yours can accomplish when you have got a few insider tips.

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