Best apps for your new iPhone


Did you get a new iPhone? Good luck with the headphone situation. It’s really not so bad once you get used to it. Now no matter how Apple changes the hardware. The iPhone still has useful apps, beautiful, many of which are available on no other platform. I picked a few of my favorites. Trust me, it’s going to be great. Dongles are a small price to pay for this sweet ecosystem.



I spend a lot of time on Reddit, and the recently released official iPhone app is just excellent. It’s fast, small, and in my opinion preferable to the desktop web experience.



The weird modular “Block” music hardware is launched by Roli this year. On concord, it’s all powered by your iOS device. The app is free. You can do everything you’d do on the blocks hardware for 0% of the price. Thanks to 3D Touch, Congrats, you are musical now.



I know, you were probably going to download this without my prompting. But do you know that Netflix now has offline playback? Due to the changes occur in the whole game. You just pull up whatever you want to watch, tap a bunch of episodes for download, and enjoy them at your leisure. Not everything is available for offline. I think you should watch Terrace House.



This is hard to describe. Basically, imagine the soundscape from a  scene in a movie where somebody is concussed, or maybe in heaven, or in a dream sequence. Now imagine that happens in real-time. H__r doesn’t just play a soundscape. It turns the sounds around you into that soundscape and it’s the best.



At least one million ways are there to take notes on an iPhone. Probably, you’ll want to pick whichever one blends the best with the other tools you like to use. Evernote? Outlook? iCloud? Dropbox? There are apps for all of those. I like using Simplenote because it syncs everything I write to the cloud as I write it to Simplenote’s own servers. I’ve found it to be trustworthy, non-note-destroying, and stable over the many years I’ve used it.



Do you wanna be smarter about science and math and stuff? Khan Academy has been learning me good for years. On concord, recently the iPhone app has gotten a lot better. You can watch lessons and even take quizzes offline. There is so much to learn all for free.



My exposure to comics is limited. On concord, I’ve been reading a few classics lately and comiXology is the best way I’ve found to do it. Unfortunately, buying comics in your web browser such as Audible, is an expensive habit. On concord, on an iPhone screen, comiXology’s method of panning and zooming on comic panels is indispensable.



I love audiobooks. Audible gets me audiobooks. It completely Apple’s fault that you have to do all your book shopping in the web browser. It’s a little annoying on iOS. Then pop back to the Audible app to download the book. On concord, whatever, Books, I have lots of them.




I’m not really a photo taking kind of person. Everyone I know raves about Motion Still so I thought I’d include it here in case you are a photo taking kind of person. Apple’s default Live Photos are confusing and kind of useless. Typically you need to press hard on a photo to see it animate. But Google’s Motion Stills app takes those Live Photos and turns them into cool. And also easy to share GIFs.

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