App that Adds Undo Redo to Your Android Keyboard

There are two most ubiquitous keyboard shortcuts for computer users. They are nothing but Undo and Redo. An app that Adds Undo/Redo to Your Android Keyboard is explained briefly. Even if you don’t know the shortcuts of an actual keyboard, you know that both Undo and Redo exist. Life won’t be similar without those.

Just imagine while typing if your Android keyboard had Undo and Redo. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well, it is possible.

Undo and redo

The work you should do is install an app called Inputting Plus.

If it is installed once, the app runs in the background. Text tracking that you edit, delete and type. It adds a floating “bubble” to your keyboard that can tap to access actions such as Undo, Redo and more.

They work with most but not all the Android keyboards.

To unlock some necessary features, you can pay a dollar but still cool features.

How to Undo and Redo Text in Android, and a Whole Lot More

undo the text

A brilliant mobile operating system is Android but it is not without flaws. It doesn’t have a basic element ability to undo and redo text even 7 years after its launch. A little neat app is here to fix Meeting Inputting+.

Without using Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y Can you imagine? They are some of the ultimate keyboard shortcuts for Windows but Android had no build in a way to retrieve text that goes back to the original version of the text that you rewrote or you accidentally deleted.

Inputting+ is a free app look to fill that void, with a paid version for additional features.

How Secure Is Inputting+?

how secure is inputting

From the Google Play Store, once if you download and install the app, you will first need to grant permission to it in

Once you download and install the app from the Google Play Store, in Android’s Accessibility settings, you will first need to grant it permission.

You are probably worried as it takes your data and sends it to a remote server. Don’t get worried because Inputting+ doesn’t access to the web as it is a local app.

By default, Inputting+ won’t monitor passwords so that you can rest assured as your important content is not saved. Nevertheless, if you like to remember the passwords there is a toggle to perform it.

Inputting security pin blacklist

It lets you add apps to a blacklist. By Inputting+ any app in the blacklist won’t be monitored

Pro Tip: To be on the safe side, switch off access to Google Play Store. Play Store often asks for details such as your passwords, credit card details, and other personal data.

Finally, you can lock with a PIN on your timeline, ensuring no one can see your saved words. For Android you use, No matter which alternative keyboard so Inputting+ will take the text and store it locally, so you can go back to it.

How Inputting+ Works

Once if Inputting is running, you will observe a little floating icon near your keyboard. That app tracks everything you enter and edit. Everything happens in the background and you need not worry about it till you actually need to undo/redo what you wrote. In such case, click the floating icon and Inputting+ displays as a pop-up window.

Inputting undo redo

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Undo and Redo: Click the Undo or Redo arrows to search the text you had recently entered. It saves the change whatever you type, so to get it right you may need multiple taps,  but it is better than retyping long mail. It works across apps also, so you wrote something and deleted in a Gmail message could be used in a text message.

Find and Replace: Inputting+ also has a built-in feature to browse and replace certain words or phrases in the text that you are editing now. It is not as powerful as some Windows apps to browse and replace words in multiple files, but it is better than nothing. Again, it just works like you would expect it to.

Paste from Clipboard: Inputting+ Pro is an in-app purchase of $1.49, at present discounted to $0.99) also works with Clip Stack to improve the functionality of copy and paste. Clip Stack is a clipboard manager as it copies and saves multiple chunks of text.

Why You Should Pay a Dollar

Inputting+ Pro costs just a dollar but the functionality it adds costs much. By using the Pro upgrade, you get:

why you should pay a dollar

Timeline: Whatever you type in a clipboard will be almost saved by Inputting+, appended with an app icon and arranged by date so you can easily identify where you wrote it. This timeline alone worths that dollar by using it in just 2 hours, major hassles twice are already saved. It looks like Lazarus throughout your Android.

Inputting ClipStack

Clip Stack: As mentioned above, the Clip Stack is brilliant and it’s functionality comes with the Pro upgrade. You need to install Clip Stack, as it is a great app itself as it sits in your notification tracks and trays whatever you copy.

The Problems with Inputting+

problems with inputting

It doesn’t mean that Inputting+ is flawless. Even though you pay a dollar, you should be ready for a few disappointments.

It doesn’t work with apps that use WebView, like the two major office suites for Android,  Microsoft Office and Google Docs and Google Chrome. On the Play Store, the developer says that to get this fixed he is working.

While the floating icon shows only when your keyboard is activating or not in a text field. It can still be annoying. For example, for several IM apps, it is right on the “Send” key. In the app’s settings, you can adjust the transparency of the icon. click on and hold to move the floating icon around.

Pro tip: If you use Swype, put the icon on the Swype settings key. You don’t use that regularly, otherwise, this way the icon doesn’t interfere.

Instead of needing this constant icon, to run in the notifications pane I think Inputting had the option such as Clip Stacks does.

Get Inputting+

With everything done and said, this is the only app to provide undo and redo in Android, for finding and replacing functionality, all rolled into one is a pretty sweet clipboard manager. You can try the undo/redo and find/replace by downloading the free app and then decide to pay for additional features if you like it.

Download: Inputting+ for Android (Free | $0.99 for Pro)

What is Core Feature Missing in Android?

Undo/redo is a pretty big miss in Android. Remember, as Windows does iOS has this baked in, What other major core features do you feel are missing from Android?

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