It is mandatory to abide by the laws of the land where one lives. Every nation around the world has governments regulating law and order via several institutions and organizations. Drugs are a menace to the society for the prohibition of which certain arrangements such as the urine test for drugs before getting employed are put in place.

Synthetic Urine Test

People often get themselves in trouble when they try to use tampered or other person’s urine to pass a test. This is often done to avoid a career haul over a weekend imbibe. Synthetic Urine can be the ultimate trick to make you pass the urine screening.

Synthetic Urine is a sample of urine crafted in the laboratory to pass the urine test as genuine human urine. The synthetic urine has to be exactly like the biological human urine in terms of color, smell, temperature and chemical composition.

There can be a number of different worse case scenarios that might occur with you in case you use some other person’s urine as a trick to get through the urine test.

A few such cases could be listed as such:-

  • If you use a friend’s urine for the test, you might come out positive for some drugs that you might have never taken.
  • A situation where you might have to visit a medical institute for the treatment of a medical condition which you don’t have.

The question that arises is “what to do then to get rid of this muddle?” The answer is the 420 synthetic urine. It is a creative way to make your way through the urine tests successfully.

Modern problems modern solutions and the synthetic urine kits are one such modern solution for the urine test problem. There have come up a number of similar service providers put there in the market. This makes it even more difficult for you to make the right choice of the provider and the best synthetic urine tool kit for the test.

Below mentioned are a few of the different types of synthetic urine tool kits that can pave the path to that job which the urine test might spoil:-

  • Powdered urine kit:- This is a synthetic urine kit made especially to cheat the urine test for you. It is a guarantee that it contains all the natural ingredients that are found in human urine such as creatine and uric acid. It makes it look legit in the test.

All it lacks is water which you can easily add into the powder to make the perfect human synthetic urine for passing the urine test.

  • The Urinator:– The Urinator kit is a one-stop solution to all the test needs and includes everything in it. The optimal temperature for the urine is maintained by the electronic heater in the kit. The electronic heater is capable of maintaining the heat for four hours.

The kit also offers you the use of biological urine in it.

  • Quick Fix (Premixed) synthetic urine:- This is a kit crafted while keeping the testing standards in mind. It is essentially equipped with all the necessary ingredients to pass the test for you. The kit spares you the effort of mixing the urine as it comes with a pre-mixed synthetic urine set. 

Urine samples are lab tested to ensure the passing of the test for you.

A few characteristics of the synthetic urine that you should be careful about while buying for clearing a urine test can be listed as such:-

  • Temperature:- The temperature of the biological urine as it exits the human body falls in a specific range which is from 90 degrees F to 98 degrees F. It is, thus, necessary to assure that the synthetic urine that you have for the test should fall in the given range of the temperature. It has also to be taken care that the temperature of the biological urine soon starts to fall once out of the body. Similar quality should be looked for in the synthetic urine that you buy for yourself.
  • Color:– Human urine has a color for sure, although the color might vary from person to person and under certain conditions. For instance, if you are on some medicine, the color of your urine might undergo some change. Alcohol, diet and some other factors might also trigger this change.

The variations of the biological urine color, it is usually seen that the color shifts from light yellow to amber hue. The synthetic urine that you have must be able to cheat the eye of the experience of urine tester.

  • Foaming is an inherent quality of biological urine. It is due to the presence of albumen in it. The synthetic urine generally fails to make the foam. This is why it has to be assured by you it does so. All you have to do is to shake it well before passing it on for the test.

This way the officer on duty for testing the urine shall not able to detect the difference.

Even If you have the right synthetic urine kit with you, and you are assured of the quality too, using the kit is still a task to be handled with care.

Here are a few details that have to be taken care of while using the synthetic urine of your choice:-

Steps to be followed for powdered synthetic urine kit:-

  • Open the vial with the powder in it and move the powder to a bigger vial
  • Fill water to the brim of the vial with the powder in it.
  • Assure that the powder is mixed with the water, and you have the solution
  • Take out the electronic heater and put it on the back of the vial
  • Make the temperature reach a range between 91 degrees F and 99 degrees F

Steps to be followed for Liquid Synthetic Urine 

  • Open the vial with the liquid urine in it
  • Put the urine in the microwave for the temperature to rise
  • Assure the temperature range between 94 F and 99 F
  • Close the container
  • Make sure that the temperature is still in the desired range before use.

The above-given steps are supposed to be a help to you in case you are choosing the synthetic urine as a way to get through your urine test. It has to be understood on the other hand that the quality of the synthetic urine matters a lot.

Poor quality synthetic urine hardly makes it pass the test, and is often caught by the person on duty.

It is imperative to choose a quality synthetic Urine kit and provider to ensure your success and to avoid an unfortunate situation. Assessing the reviews of the previous clients and customers can further help you ascertain the quality of services delivered by the service provider of your choice.

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