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Swiftchill make drinks cool in minutes

“Our purpose is to create innovative products for a comfortable life (Comfort),” says Ashwin Shetty and Ashok Shetty. They have named Comfort Products Limited for their start-up company to represent its purpose. As food can be heated in a microwave oven in few minutes before eating. Why can’t we cool the drinks before we drink? “SwiftChill” mini refrigerator was born on the basis of this question.


Swiftchill” will make your drinks cold in few minutes. This device, which has a most beautiful design in the small size, can make simultaneously a wine bottle or three beer tins, or some of the cool beverage bottles cold. If you need more chillness, then you can continue to chill one by one.

Simple to make drinks cool

Put the bottles containing the drinks on the plate on the device, the ingredients inside will get cold in few minutes. The coolest Swiftchill fridge is 12 kg weight. When it comes to the sale in the Indian market, the price will be from Rs.7500 to 10,000 rupees.

Air, water, and ice can cool things. In the refrigerator, we usually use the air to cool things. However, water is used for the cooling process on the ‘SwiftChill’ device.


You can this device only whenever it is required. While using the refrigerator, it keeps the things cool in for 24 hours and costs more electricity. Refrigerators used to cool bottles in the European continent cost 90 Terra Watt or Trillion Watt (TW) of electricity per year. Most of these drinks are not consumed immediately. Therefore, the electricity used to cool them up is wasted.

The amount of electric power required for all electric lights used in countries of the African continent is only 80 trillion watt (TW). In short, the power of the African continent can be greatly fulfilled with the electricity used to cool the beverage in Europe. Aspirin Shetty and Ashok Shetty, both the founders of the Crowd Production Company, confirmed that they would prevent their unwanted usage of electricity. We do not always have to keep cooling the drinks, and the coolness and the quality and the quality will not change by using Swiftchill.

They both believe in the commercial possibilities of their discovery that ‘all of the microwave ovens are used to heat foods, and everyone will soon be able to use the SwiftChill to cool foods. In 2012, they attempted to invent this product and succeeded. Now they have applied for patent rights.

This innovative product took place within the top five among the new innovations participated in the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI). Shetty’s Comfort Product ranked second in the 1,200 startup companies participated in the competition Birla Institute of Science and Technology.

Production in India

The innovation of the company has been welcomed at the exhibitions held in cities in Italy and the US. The company is expecting a good time to start production in India. The company has a research and development center in Mumbai and a small manufacturing plant in the Pune. Shetty said “We are going to start manufacturing less quantity of products and introduce in the European Market. After getting feedback from them, we will start manufacturing in full fledge” .

Challenges and Achievements

Swiftchill Awards

The company is looking for investors and partners because it needs more investment in production. The company plans to use their technology in the pharmaceutical industry. The company has stepped up to operate refrigerators which carry some specific drugs. ‘We will do everything we can to win even if we have a lot of challenges in other fields,’ said Ashwin Shetty and Ashok Shetty, owners of the Comfort Products Company, which is based in Mumbai, India.

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