The super tiny camera lenses can go inside your body

tiny camera lensesMostly some good cameras are very large because to take high-quality pictures it requires large lenses. The technology desired to digitally process photos has shriveled down quite a moment since the first digital camera, but the lenses haven’t scaled down equally yet. So some people invited super tiny camera lenses.

In the university of Stuttgart, researchers used 3D printing technology to create 0.04 inches or 1 mm wide triple lens system. Its width is like the strand of hair or piece of paper. Although the veins in your body are smallest are at least 10 times wider than that.

This research is speckled by Forbes, was conducted by Timo Gissibi, Simon Thiele, Alois Herkommer and Harald Giessen and published in Nature Photonics.

The research defines several uses for lenses this small, with the capturing of images in endoscopic procedures. The lenses are so small(tiny), they could even be fitted onto an optical fiber that fit over a hollow needle.

tiny camera lensesThese small lenses also could be placed directly onto CMOS sensors, and it commonly found in digital cameras or used on drones the size of insects, for inconspicuous security or even spying. No one would spot it because high-quality pictures or images could be produced from a camera so tiny.

To get high-quality images with wide angles it requires Multiple lenses. The image will come more than clear compared to the old one if you add the additional lens.

tiny camera lensesTo create each lens, the team annoying a liquid with ultra-short laser pulses: electromagnetic pulses that preceding about one-trillionth of a second. Each pulse hardens the liquid further until it forms a lens.

These lenses not only help us see into smaller places or perchance see without being seen. They can be created fast. And it is possible to complete the design and manufacturing in one day.

This is all about super tiny camera lenses will go inside your body.

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