How to Use Sunscreen When Wearing Makeup?

Sunscreen with Makeup

It is difficult to deal with the burning sun when summer arrives. It is not good for skin to go out without sunscreen. In this case, the big confusion about how to use our daily makeup and sunscreen lotion together. The essence of this article is how to use Sunscreen With Makeup.


Face Wash with Rose Water

First, you need to wash your face before makeup. IYou can use wet wipes, cotton soaked in rose water and a mild cleanser to wash your face.

Apply Sunscreen

Apply Suncreen

Now take some sunscreen in your arms and apply it to the face and neck. Use less amount of cream and use tissue paper to remove excess amount of lotion.


Apply Makeup

Now you can start your makeup. You will get a good look when you apply translucent base powder on the face. If you have an oily face, then keep the blotting paper in hand.

Getting Ready

Use your makeup and sunscreen combination in perfect proportion to make your face beautiful. Use Sunscreen SPF 30 before your moisturizer and makeup. After applying moisturizer leave it for 20 minutes before makeup. This will keep your makeup powder not to clot in your skin and will be good for sun exposure.

Types of Makeup


The long-lasting mineral makeup makes you look good and more comfortable. It also protects the interior layers of your skin from the sun. Beauty Experts claims that this mineral makeup can blow acne, black spots caused by sunlight away from the skin.


Now handy Sunscreen SPF 30 – 50 lotions are available in the market. This helps to protect your skin layers well. So you can keep it in hand comfortably when you meet friends during the meeting. It is good to choose a suitable sunscreen for your skin type. Then why are you still waiting? Follow this method and go out freely in the summer.

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