Having cold or fever is a common disease among people, but do you know why? The harmful germs present in your house. Whether you have to clean your house from top to the bottom, but there are few stubborn germs are present nevertheless, especially after you have been sick. As you already know cold and flu are common communicable diseases so, it is your responsibility to prevent this illness for the other peoples in the home. Cleaning and hand wash is a regular concept, but you have to go beyond with your cleaning matter and that’s why we’re here and going to talk about some successful methods that can help you to get rid of harmful viruses which are living on hard surfaces for a time.

Kill Germs

First, you need to look out 5 special areas of your home where you need to pay heavy attention while cleaning the home to kill germs via pressure cleaning Ipswich.

  1. Bedroom

    During the sickness, the most comfortable thing which we used for relaxation is the bed. The maximum time we spend on the bed, so there is a possibility your body can leave some germs and bacteria’s on the fabric like bed sheets, pillow covers, and quilt. It is important that you should disinfect bedroom after washing your pillow covers and bed sheets or everything with anti-bacterial spray. Must pay greater attention to pillowcase and sheets because these are nearest and dearest part while doing rest.

    Moreover, you do not need to forget the clothes that you have been wear while sickness. It should be clean properly. The best thing you can do to protect yourself against the species is to wear rubber gloves while washing your laundry. Another thing you need to keep in mind keep the sheets and pillowcase away from your face. And also don’t forget to sanitize your table, switches, doorknobs, and everything you have in your room.

  1. Washroom

    The second and most important area you need to clean very effortlessly is your washroom. While having sickness, the washroom is the only way to vomit or any other problem you have. So, it is important that you should disinfect your washroom with the proper cleaner. The things you have to clean are toilet, seats, sink, light, switches, floor, and everything you have in the bathroom.

    Most importantly you have to throw out a towel that has been used by a sick person. You can change your towel with the new one or yes you can sanitize the towel with warm water and some cleaner. Like this, all the bathroom rugs, curtains, windows, everything should need to be cleaned properly.

    The best thing you have to do is throw out the sick’s articles like a toothbrush. If you can’t you can sanitize them.

  1. Living room

    While having sickness, it’s very hard for an individual to stay in the bedroom for long hours in the morning especially if it is a child. To prevent the impurity of that disease you have to make your child happy and let then be the part of the family whether he is sick. You should clean your living room perfectly and disinfect them by removing and washing curtains, sanitizing the sofa, and the floor.

  1. Kitchen 

    Don’t forget your kitchen because it is the first place where the bacteria and germs affect a person quickly. After you have been sick your first job is to clean your kitchen perfectly by using the best cleaners. Remember cleaning should not be limited with the cleaning of floors you have to wash the utensils, microwaves, dishwashers, and everything which has been used. You can use chlorine bleach for washing the utensils and don’t forget the extra things you have in your kitchens such as a table, chairs, cabinets, draws, and something you have. Disinfect your kitchen by using this infected wipes or sprays or cleaners.

  1. Vehicles

    It sounds weird, but it is important to clean because when you have been sick you may use your car, bike or whatever convenience you have used while reaching the doctor. Clean steering wheel, dashboard, seats, and covers

    You can use Cleaner or a spray to disinfect the car.

How to clean the home

After having sickness and to prevent others from the same infection, disinfecting your home is must. You can use the following ways:

  • Anti-bacterial spray

    Make sure you are cleaning your home, matters, floor, and everything with antibacterial spray. With this, you can naturally kill the bad bacteria. In case, you have no antibacterial spray at home. You can make own. So, here is the method:

    Take one cup of water and half cup white vinegar and 5 drops of tea tree and lemon essential oil. After that, combine all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake it well.

  • Sanitizer

    It is important to keep in mind while washing your house after you have been sick. You must use sanitizer after and before cleaning your home. Sanitizer is available in the market from different companies. You can use anyone.

  • Cleaner

    Make sure you are using a commercial cleaner and follow up all the directions carefully while washing the home. Or if you do not have any cleaner at home, you can use chlorine bleach. Add two tablespoon of chlorine bleach to 4 cups of water and then mix it well.

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