Every company values its data just like the company itself. It is an integral part of any starting or established company or business. The continuity of any business can be jeopardized if the data is lost or has been corrupted. Well, having copies of the paper containing the information of your company may not be enough. The unexpected may happen and your company offices burn down and in that case, you will have lost your data.

Cloud Backup Data

In our 21st century, we are fortunate to have trusted site like filecenter that can help you keep your data organized and safe from any damage. With so much of your business information in your laptops and office desktop, loss of data can be very catastrophic into your business. According to a survey conducted by Security Week, data loss has increased significantly for the last two years by 400% which has resulted in a loss of over $1.7 trillion.

It is surprising to know that as little as a loss of a 100 files, can end up costing your company over $18,120.of course, this a huge amount to go down the drain. That’s why it is necessary to follow the footsteps of successful companies and how they back up their data.

Despite a great emphasis on the importance of having a company data backup, most upcoming companies and businesses have not heeded the call. According to a study conducted in the United States, 60% of small businesses do not back up their daily data. This should give you the reason why FEMA statistics show that 40% of businesses never open due to disaster while 25% of them fail every year.

Besides the strategies and the methodologies of operations that has made some companies successful, you can learn about their data backup. Every successful company has its data intact whether the desktop collapses or the fire burns the offices. So, where do they back up their data?

There are two steps that are used by these successful companies to have successful data backups. The first step involves identifying the most critical and important data that needs to be backed up. Secondly, it involves implementing the backups of your data regularly.

Most of these companies are involved in Data archiving and data backup. Data archiving is long-term storing of the information/data that your company is no longer using. However, in case, it is needed, you can easily retrieve it. Data backup is usually done periodically and is for a short period of time. It is purposely for avoiding any disaster from happening.

Data storage in the right back up can guarantee you a successful company or business. Here are some major ways you can also use to back your company’s data:

  1. Cloud Storage

    Well, this is one of the common methods that is used by some of the successful companies in our digital age. However, just like any other cloud computing and cloud services, cloud storage can be hacked having in mind the many bad guys out there. The Entrepreneur has discussed some serious points in this article about cloud safety. Although hacking contributes to a very little percentage for the loss of data of many companies, there is a need to put more security measures if you are going to use this method.

    Statistics show that 78% of data losses are usually as a result of a hardware malfunction or system failure like crashing of a server. This study form Kroll On track Data Recovery, further shows that 11% of data losses are as a result of human error while 7% is from a malfunctioning program or software. This shows you can still store your data in the cloud.

    If you are to use any of the online backup services, it is advisable that you use strong passwords and keep changing them regularly. Ensure you practice health internet behavior like always logging out whenever you are not using your account.

  1. Local Area Network (LAN) Storage

    This is another great way of backing up the data especially if your company has a local area network. Most successful businesses use this strategy in storing their data on their servers or to another computer that is not on their premises. Ensure that the backup machine is not in the same location. This will prevent theft and other disasters like fire and flood.

    Successful companies usually enclose their servers in locked cages and cabinets that are water and fireproof. This means their data will be intact, no matter the disaster.

  1. Tape storage

    Most successful companies have massive amounts of information that they need to backup. In that case, they need a backup method that is reliable and has a capacity of storing huge amounts of data. One such backup method is tape storage. This is mostly used by companies that want to archive their data for a long period of time. Since tape storage is a reliable method of storing your data, you can be sure that your company’s information will be safe.

  1. Local data Backup software programs

    Sometimes, you may not back up your data using the cloud. This is where local data backup is important. You can place all the files that you need to archive in one computer drive and using a backup software program to access the information. There are hundreds of backup software program that you can use to archive your data depending on the type of file.

    A good backup software program will come up with a schedule in which it will be backing up your data automatically. It is advisable to have software that can also encrypt and zip your files. To keep your data fully secure, it is important that you keep the backups in separate places.

    Some successful companies, usually store their data backups in banks in security boxes. You can keep your own data backup anywhere you decide as long as it is not on the same premises and is secure from theft.

  1. External Hard Drives

    Although it may not store much information, some successful companies are using it instead of not storing any information at all. Of course, there are large external hard drives that can store enough data. You can also buy multiple of them because they are cheaper than tape drives. They are also less complicated in their usage, all you need is to plug them into your computer. This will be very suitable for you if you are a small business.


As Information specialists say, you will never have too many data backups for your company. Whichever system you choose to use from the above, ensure that your data is fully protected from any kind of disaster. You should never risk losing your company information no matter the cost. Ensure the system you are using has the capacity of archiving your data and consequently backing it up.

This is the strategy being used by most successful companies who ensure that they don’t lose their data. The cost of losing some small amount of data about your company can end up costing you thousands of dollars. And if you are just an upcoming or a small business, you may not afford all that money.

It is advisable to ensure that every data-in-transit is properly encrypted else hackers will access it. Have a smart encryption strategy of your data especially when storing in the cloud.

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