The ultimate crypto platform or just a financial tool destined to stay in the shadow of other digital giants? Stellar’s fast, multifunctional token with low transaction fees. But how does Stellar fare compared to larger coins like Bitcoin? Let’s find out.

Stellar better than Bitcoin

Stellar (XLM) and Its Strong Points

Stellar is an open-source platform for cross-border payments. It has its digital token called Lumen. Stellar Lumen is an altcoin that goes under the name XLM. Stellar’s primary goal is to help people make faster and safer money transactions across borders. Stellar’s decentralized platform has all the advantages of a blockchain.

Stellar is experiencing its second uptrend since the last Bitcoin bull run back in 2018. Right now, one Stellar token has a worth of $0.6 according to CoinMarketCap.

Stellar XLM used to take 8th spot in the top 10 list of cryptocurrencies by market cap. Yet, Stellar started losing its ground, and now it stands at 15th place.

All of that doesn’t take from the fact that Stellar XLM has some significant advantages over its counterparts, which include:

  • Open and decentralized database;
  • Transaction time — 3-5 seconds;
  • Capable of up to 5 thousand transactions per second;
  • High liquidity (easy to convert into cash);
  • An above-average amount of exchange listings;
  • Support of high-security standards (Smart Contracts and Multi-Signatures).

Stellar (XLM) vs Bitcoin

From the beginning, Stellar has never aimed to substitute any coin on the existing market. It was created to make money transactions less time-consuming and more energy efficient. A decentralized system means that there are no real owners of the platform, and all the deposits go straight from one individual to another – no mediators participate in the process. This fact makes Stellar a secure option when it comes to money remittances.

Stellar XLM has a low transaction fee and a throughput of 5,000 TPS. This makes Stellar a perfect financial tool that you can utilize to get other coins.

For example, to exchange any amount of Bitcoin you will have to pay a transaction fee of ~$15, but doing the same with Stellar (XLM) will cost you about $0.0006 per transaction. That is why people use Stellar tokens as their reinvest tool.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is still regarded as “digital gold” because people progressively resort to it as their value asset of choice.

Check out this comparison table of Stellar (XLM) and Bitcoin. It will help you understand the main differences between the two.

Main Characteristics Stellar (XLM) Bitcoin
Date of creation 2014 2009
Structure Open source, decentralized protocol Peer-to-Peer electronic cash system
Timestamping scheme Stellar Consensus Protocol Proof-of-Work
Average transaction cost $0.0006 ~$15
Block time ~3-5 seconds ~10 minutes
Supply limit 50,001,806,812 21,000,000

The latest 0.21.1 Bitcoin update enhanced its performance, hence made its transaction cost smaller. This release solidifies Bitcoin’s number one status on the market and proves that it’s still very much in the game.

Bitcoin has been on the top for a good minute now, and as we can see, it shows no signs of slowing down.

For those who want to know the best Stellar to Bitcoin exchange ratio, there is an xlm to btc converter. Godex calculator constantly updates the value of each coin, so you will be calculating and exchanging at the most relevant rates.

How to Swap Stellar XLM to Bitcoin?

Now is the time to invest in Bitcoin, and there is no better place to do it than at Godex is customized to do fast and secure exchanges of digital tokens. It’s capable of realizing the full potential of Stellar’s strong points.

Follow this straightforward pattern of actions to swap your Stellar XLM tokens with Bitcoin:

  • Go to and find Stellar XML to Bitcoin BTC converter.
  • In the middle of the page, find two fields with numbers.
  • Click on the “You Send” field and enter the amount of XLM you are willing to exchange.
  • In the “You Get” field, you will find the amount of BTC you will receive (Note, there is a minimum amount of XLM you can exchange)
  • Then, if the ratio suits you, press the “Exchange” button.
  • Next, you will have to enter your Stellar Lumens and Bitcoin wallet addresses in the fields below.
  • Make sure you’ve entered the correct data and press the “Exchange” button once again.
  • Wait for the deposit.
  • See a detailed result of your transaction on the “Completed” page.

With Godex, you can exchange cryptocurrency without undergoing any verification procedures. However, if you decide to register, you can receive a 0.005 Bitcoin bonus and up to 0.6% of every transaction. You can find more info about the affiliate programs in the top right corner of the main page.

Godex makes exchanging anonymous, uncomplicated, profitable, and fun. Break new boundaries of the crypto world with Godex.


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