Eyelashes are the number one thing that makes a person automatically look gorgeous. We all have been fans of beautiful lashes in people, as it enhances their eyes and makes their facial features absolutely striking. While people have been using mascara and eyeliner to enhance their eyelashes and eyes, new lash extensions have now been trendy. It has become the most sought-after thing in the fashion industry, and people seek these services in parlors and salons now! There are various types of eyelashes available, too, that you can get from private label eyelash service from Starseed to start your own business.


The eyelash business is now picking up speed and popularity. Hence, what could you do to cash in on it? How can you start an eyelash business at home? Here are a few guidelines for you to follow if you are interested in setting up one.

Get professional training

Various companies and institutes train people in lash extension services and give them the exact information they would need to handle this business professionally. This is important as bad lashes can often come off as an awful first impression for the client. However, there are now online courses for the same, so people interested in setting up this as their business can actually avail of such courses and train.

Conduct thorough market research.

This is a crucial step before setting up any business. Find out the demographics and find your target customers. There should be enough people who would avail of these services. Conduct surveys, find out if there are colleges or universities nearby, do thorough research about your potential audience. You can even check out local salons and parlors that offer these services to find out about your competition. You can visit them as a client and find out what their services lack, that you can offer to the people instead. You can even conduct surveys and check if your business indeed would be clicked or not.

Figure out the finances.

This is also an essential step for setting up a lash business. Find out the costs of getting a set of versatile lashes. For classic lashes, it generally costs about $60 as seen in the Lash Room website, although that differs from place to place. Figure out the profit you’d earn despite the rent, the phone bills, the electricity costs, etc., and determine if you’d indeed make a profit or not. Weigh the pros and cons and then create a business outline. You would have to figure out how much you would charge for your services, keeping all these guidelines in mind.

In the beginning, you may feel you are overcharging. However, don’t let this set you back, as you would be ensuring your customers’ quality service. Decide on your prices with respect to your competition too. This would allow you to set fixed rates for your services. Later, once you get comfortable with the business, you can lower your prices with attractive discounts and offers. These are sales tactics that would work out well. Keeping really low prices from the beginning would attract only short-term customers.

Set up the perfect workstation

The need of the hour for a good workspace is minimalism and hygiene. Any salon has to ensure that is granted to the customer as a right. Spend minimally for basic interiors and focus on getting quality eyelashes and other requirements. Beds, sofas, chairs, mirrors, and other interiors can all be acquired second-hand. Focus on good-quality accessories instead and invest in those.

Make it digital

Get a phone number for your business along with a professional email ID. Keep payments digitalized and use Google and other online marketing techniques to spread the news. Make sure you use social media to its fullest. Make sure the customers vouch for your good services and ask them to spread the news. This is a digital world, and using every digital tool in your arsenal would go a very long way!

Finalize all the legalities.

Businesses have to be registered depending on your long-term goal. Give your services a great name and fulfill all the registration formalities. Find out if you would slowly need more staff and plan ahead if you are looking to expand your business. Make sure you pay the taxes that would be required and make sure the legal aspects are thoroughly covered before you set it up full-time.


Stock up on the requirements.

For an eyelash business, the requirements are generally classic lashes of various sizes and thicknesses. You have to stock C0.15 from 8 to 13 mm, and D0.15 or 0.18 of 8 to 13 mm also. Stock up also on the volume-giving lashes like C 0.07 from 8 to 13 mm, and D 0.07 or 0.05 from 8 to 13 mm. These are the important lash dimensions that you would need.

Do not forget the basic makeup necessities like primer, cleanser, brushes, eye gel pads, moisturizers, tissues, etc., which can all be bought in bulk from dealers. Check for discounts or packages for it to be more economically feasible for you. Do not forget the cotton tips, cotton pads, micro sticks, and mascara wands. Getting a thorough list of what you require is important.


The glue you buy should also be of good quality, so invest in good quality glue or glue rings or glue crystals. Buy a few pairs of quality tweezers and debonders. Apart from this, you would also need a comfortable bed, pillows, good lighting, and mirrors to give your salon an aesthetic feel and make the client comfortable.


Eyelash businesses are now the new fashion trend, and many people have had an active interest in setting one up for a few years now. Thick eyelashes are the most beautiful features a person can have that can automatically enhance their whole look. Hence, eyelash salons have been sought after by many fashion models and influencers in order to give their appearance a spice-up. So, if you are looking to set up an eyelash business at home, following these guidelines would definitely get you a lot of clients and income for sure!

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