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Google Allo

The argument goes back to Google’s developer conference, I/O, back in May. There, Google has established the new application at Shoreline Amphitheater for a crowd as promising Google Allo provides security and safety for the users.

Allo uses end-to-end encryption — only via an incognito mode (just like Chrome!). You’ll also be able to decide how long messages should stick around.

If you’re looking for something similar, Allo is a bit like a private, semi-automated Facebook social layer that you can use privately.

Comments made by Google representatives we spoke with after the event, recommended that the data sent and received by Allo would be stored. In spite of ‘transiently’ on its own servers, that means: Google won’t keep your chat logs in a processed where they are safe and it doesn’t allocate an identity to the stored messages. Or, you should allow the Incognito Mode to encrypt the end-to-end conversation where Google is unable to read it.

Months later, Google has stopped before they announced privacy feature and chosen to store all non-Incognito messages by default. This is full opposite to that of its original plan and never officially announced the change. Actually, we found out after Allo’s public launch.

Allo is equal with most of the chat applications using currently, as it uses HTTPS to secure transmission between devices. To be simple, it’s mostly from the hackers, but the data is obtainable at Google data centers and can read by anyone with the clearance to do so.

As Snowden said, it is must a honeypot for three letter government agencies. The information stored in a particular way and now waiting for a subpoena to access it. As Snowden pointed out, it’s not like the subpoenas are difficult to get; the US foreign intelligence surveillance court approved all of almost 1,500 communication intercept requests from the NSA and FBI last year.

That is not to say Google Allo is completely unsafe. When enabled, Incognito Mode uses the same encryption protocol like signal, which has vouched for previously by Snowden. Though, it is basically a grab bag of awful. Might be better with sticking of Known commodities in the security space and avoid shiny new toys like Allo.

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