Introducing ‘Snap Map’ – the new location-sharing feature in Snapchat

Snapmap feature in SnapChat


Snapchat has introduced the SnapMap feature to help users share their own location with friends. Also through this feature, the user can see the snaps taken in that location. Snapchat will also be introduced the Snap Explorer at the beginning of this year, which will allow users to get access to Alert or Updates for what’s going on in the SnapMap.

But this map explorer has also been accused of violating privacy rights as it always keeps sharing the user’s location even when the app is not in use.

Now Sanpchat is serious about fixing this problem. Users will be able to control their shared content and location.

Using this feature, you can choose to share the location with your friends or to ask for your friend’s location at any time. If the friend wants to share his location, it will show up in Snapmap. In the last few weeks, these new features are provided to iOS and Android users. So far, users who do not receive this update will be provided.

To use this location sharing feature, long press the username of the user or choose the hamburger menu on the chat screen. The next popup screen will include ‘Request Location’ and ‘Send My Location’ features. This allows you to easily share or request a friend to a friend.

And this new location-sharing feature only works for friends who have added you to friends list. Therefore, users do not have to worry about anybody. Snapchat allows you to disable this feature if users do not want to share their location.

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