What are the Best Smartphone Printers?


After the revolution of Smartphones, the Smartphone cameras are used by most of the people instead of pocket point-and-shoots. But sometimes, its user may miss the pleasure of a print and they rarely send their Smartphone photos to the printer.

Now with the arrival of portable printers the process made very easy. These are really great to enjoy the holidays. The users can create a Smartphone photo booth on the spot with their families during the celebrations.

Using the Smartphone printers, the users can make a photo album on the spot by taking a print of the photos and compile everything at the end. This printer is very awesome for the weddings also.

Let us see about some portable Smartphone printers,

  1. Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer:


The Polaroid photo printer produces the full-bleed borderless 3×4 inch pictures. The pictures are dry the minute they print. The users need not to connect their devices via Bluetooth or USB to connect to these printers; it just needs a Bluetooth-enabled Smartphones to create prints on the spots. (Cost – $90)

  1. iphone printer Cube:


The iphone printer Cube has an awesome look. Every person will like the look of this printer. This printer is designed for iphone or ipad touch (4S and below). The user has to connect the printer with their phone using USB cable port the phone and directly print the selected photo. The printer has a mini USB port. (Cost – $100)

  1. The Wireless Smartphone Printer:

As the name suggests, this printer will be connected wirelessly to the Android or iPhone and prints the vibrant color photographs. The user can simply transmit the wanted pictures via the Smartphone app over the Wi-Fi and they can print the photos within a minute.