Low-Cost Small Business Ideas

Small Business Ideas

Today we are able to see many young people who are interested in starting a small business because of the enthusiasm and mental courage in them. We have gathered information about 33 small businesses ideas with less investment to help young people who are interested in this. Whether you are a full time or a part-time worker or a job seeker, you can become a small businessman with the help of best business ideas in this article.

Mobile Restuarant

Mobile Restuarant Business

What if they deliver the human essential food to their destination itself? This idea is called as a mobile restaurant. If you continue to do this business in a specific location, you will get good profit and business growth soon.

Catering Business

Catering Business

This business which is cooking and serving service, especially on occasions like marriage, birthday and parties is now growing very fast. Good cuisine with catering facilities is being well received by customers. If you do not like to cook, you can coordinate and organize chef cooks still you will have a good profit.

Tuition class

Tuition Class Business

After school hours, many students will go to tuition class. You can also take classes for Entrance Exams and government exams like UPSC, especially for general public exam writing students.

Kids Day Care

Kids Day Care Business

In a family, where both the parents do job need this type of service. The job of protecting and caring the children is a service-oriented profession. Especially for women, this industry helps to earn thousands of dollars without any investment.


Photography Business

If you want a business that has to be satisfied with low investment, it’s a photography business. If you are a good photographer, you can try this business, but today’s competition is overwhelming and you have to be highly talented with great photography skills.

Recreation center

Recreation center Business

Many people in today’s sensational world need peace. It is a satisfactory job to start a recreation center to make people relax mentally.

Chocolate and sweet shop

Chocolate and sweet shop Business

Children to adults everyone like chocolates and sweets. With good taste and more sales, these shops will get good returns. Likewise, there is great encouragement among people for homemade chocolate.

Packers and movers

Packers and movers Business

A big problem for relocating is to pack and shift the stuff into the new home. In the short term, you will become an entrepreneur if you make this business a trustworthy to the customer. It is also the largest business opportunity for people in Metro cities.

Can you go without a gift?

Gift Shop BUsiness

Any ceremony including marriage can you go without gifts? and also the gift should be unique? For that, you need a good gift shop. Most shops have the same kind of gift items. It is a great profession to have a little differently unique gift items in your shop.

Do you want to keep your body Slim?

GYM business

Everyone is looking for a gym because today’s youth are more interested in keeping the body fit. Starting a gym with all the facilities is a good business.

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator Business

It is not a simple thing to plan and execute an event. So people are now handing over this work to the event organizers. So this industry has more opportunity for business growth.

Interior design

Interior design Business

Interior Design is the necessity of today’s civilized world. It is best to get a good experience in this interior designing business.

Small grocery store

Small grocery store

A business that does not have much investment, no more experience, no knowledge is the small grocery store or a petty shop business. Start at the small store level and get a little bit of experience then expand into a larger store.

Wedding coordinator

Wedding coordinator

Marriage is now the easiest thing to do. If the marriage coordinator accepts the entire wedding work, the groom and the girl are the only ones to stay. This wedding coordinator has a good future in the wedding industry.

Mobile shop

Small Mobile shop

Mobile became the essential requirement of the human. So if you run a mobile shop business and sell the latest model mobile phones from time to time, you are also an excellent businessman.

Ice cream parlor

Small Ice cream parlor

Is there anybody in the world who do not like ice cream? Ice cream parlor begins with a good profit when you target especially children who love ice cream.

Xerox shop

Xerox shop

Students, offices, factory and government offices used to take photocopies of their documents regularly. Especially if you keep the Xerox shop near the school, college and your business will grow very soon.

Jewelry Designers

Jewelry Designers

Those who need the unique design of jewelry will not only go to jewelry shop but also opt for a jewelry designer to design their own. If you want to sell it for jewelry shop then you can sell it too. If you are a designer, you can get into this industry without thinking about it.

Insurance Consultant

Insurance Consultant

Since the awareness of the insurance is much higher than the population, this business is considered a crafty profession.

Part-time employee(Virtual Assistant)

Virtual Assistant

Many websites offer to work as a freelancer from home. Especially for women.



Whatever the Internet provided us with ebook and pdf files, the experience of reading the book is unique. There are more people who are searching for books. So the new bookshop is a good profession.

Computer training

Computer training business

If you are expert in computer, this is the opportunity to give you the education you have learned. It is good to start this business as many are eager to learn from primary to many computer languages.

Yoga Center

Yoga Center Business

In today’s tight life many seek to perform yoga on daily basis, so the Yoga Center is a good business choice.

Real estate consultant

Real estate consultant Business

Real estate is always the best business option to provide guidance for buying, selling, and renting housing for people.

Game Parlour

Game Parlour Business

It is a great idea to start the game center with PlayStation and other games to satisfy kids and youngsters because today’s younger generation is more involved in the games. This industry is ideal for people in the metro city.

An enthusiastic speaker

An enthusiastic speaker

Are you an inspirational speaker? Can you solve others problems with your talk? This means that you are interested in this business.

Travel Agency

Travel Agency

This industry is a good profession to meet people and solve their travel needs with low investment.

Computer Shop

Computer Shop

If you have experience and clarity on computer hardware, then you can run a shop to sell computers and its components. This is a good job for growth progress.

Courier service

Courier service

If you have a contact or experience with giant courier service company then you can either start a courier company or have a separate courier company.

Selling Used Vehicles

Selling Used Vehicles

Many people who can not afford new vehicles will want to buy good quality used vehicles. It’s good to start this business to help them.

HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy

The job is the main issue of today’s youth. If you can get a job for others with large, small enterprise employers and this will be a social service with a profitable business.

Security Agency

Security Agency

Supply of securities which are required for many large and small companies is a good and profitable business. You can also set up detective agency later.

Advertising Agents

Advertising Agents

This industry is actually one of the most profitable business, starting an advertising agency and promoting big and small businesses.

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