Why a Fashion Designer Left Her High-Flying Job to Rear Goats

Shweta Goat Farming

People who do Goat farming and agricultural occupations don’t know whether they will reach their financial goal or drop it off. Whatever it is, some have thrown all these negative opinions and changed the view on these industries. We’re going to see that type of story now.

Now we are going to see Shweta’s success story who has completed her degree in fashion designing at NIIFT college and decided to choose the goat farming for her career growth.

Any designer or skilled person will do this job?

Today, people do a job in MNC with a lot of stress. They all leave their job and start a different business and come to hometown and settle down.

But many have to face the negative questions by their relatives, neighbors, and friends. These questions will put an end to most of the people business dreams. But Shweta is the one who succeeded beyond these obstacles.


Shweta’s business journey started when she got married in 2015 and relocated to Bangalore. At that time she was a successful fashion designer. After coming to Bangalore, she started to think about starting her own business instead of sitting at home ideal.

First Experience

Once Shweta visited goat farm with her husband, she likes to spend more time with goats. Subsequently, she often went to the farm and understood the problems in goat farming.


As she born and brought up in a village, she knows that investing and maintaining goat farm in the metropolitan city like Bangalore is tough. So she left the luxurious life in Bangalore and went to a small village named Ranipokhri near Dehradun in Uttarakhand. Where she invested her total savings and also had a bank loan to start a goat farming business and to expand it.

When Shweta told her close ones and they shocked initially. Everyone was looking forward to seeing her joining a high-paying job in an MNC company. When Shweta suggested that a goat farming business was started, most people said she was making a big mistake.

Bank Loan

She also had fear that many wild animals would be able to attack goats. However, she did not allow anything to disrupt but initially acquired 250 sheep with the bank loan. She has only country goat breeds like Jamnapari, thotapari, sirohi & barpari on the farm.


Shweta confirms that the goats are safe and nutrient. Sometimes she takes the sheep to the markets. In addition to the traditional market, she sells sheep on websites too.

First Year

In the first year, Shweta made Rs. 25 lakh in sales. She also began to conduct training courses on her farm to encourage others to start their own business.

Continuous Growth

In this situation, Shweta has now stepped up her job in other parts of Uttarakhand. This means that Shweta’s income is expected to rise several times in the coming years.

True happiness is the happiness of doing what is in your heart.

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