Tips To Shutdown Automatically Your PC with your Smartphone


Are you excited to know about shutdown automatically your pc with twitter account?   Yes its true that you can control your pc power with your smartphone easily. You just need a twitter account and tweetmypcsoftware.

Here are the simple steps to shutdown automatically your pc with twitter account,

  1. You want to create twitter account and Gmail account.
  2. Download the TweetMyPc software. And install the tool in your system.
  3. After installation and run the software in your desktop system. Click the start menu and open the TweetMyPC.


  1. Log on your twitter account and open your twitter page. In that, log in with credentials and you get the verification code and then enter the code in tool. This process is complete authorization.
  2. Next enter your gmail details in TweetMyPC.
  3. Click to SAVE AND HIDE.
  4. Program is ready. You leave your laptop with the download.
  5. Now turn off the laptop or pc with mobile, open twitter account in your mobile and click the SHUTDOWN option.
  6. After tweeting your pc or laptop is shutdown to close the application with 1 min.
  7. There are many commands to shutdown.

Installation steps:You May Also Like: Computer Tricks and Tips

Install the TweetMyPC version 3 software in your computer.

Then go to download section and download the TweetMyPC software.

Read the license Agreement and accept the conditions. Click to I Agree.

Click to install. Finally click to finish.

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