Put emergency info on your lock screen

Put emergency info on your lock screen

The smartphone’s market and features growth are very high in the recent years. You might meet an accident on the road and you may go in a state of uncertainty. When someone has to inform your family members. If your phone is pattern locked or screen lock with numbers, it’s tough to access your contacts on your smartphone.

Even if you have Pattern Lock or any screen lock Setting in such situations, you can bring your close relative’s mobile number to your display. There are a number of options that can be very easy to inform, and you can learn about those instructions in the following article.

Step 1: First you need to enter your Android smartphone Settings menu.


Step 2: Then select the lock screen option.

Screen Lock

Step 3: You can then set your Pattern Lock to a specific format using the screen Lock setting.

Step 4: After selecting the Owner Info, you have to enter the name and mobile number of your Emergency Contact(close relatives).

Owner Info

Step 5: The name and mobile numbers that you entered will come to your display.

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