Share Large Files online

One of the popular methods to share large files with our friends and colleagues over the internet is, creating a zip file of that and sent it as a mail attachment. Because, the web-based email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or AOL, allows the file attachments between 10-20 MB in size.

There are some problems, when we use the above method, not all the corporate email servers or all ISPs would accept large emails, therefore your emails may not reach the planned recipient. It might be not delivered due to the less speed of the internet connection.

Luckily, there are some are excellent services on the internet that will aid to share large files easily and securely. The big files may be documents, audio MP3 files, home videos, CAD drawings, High-resolution photographs, etc. These services are also free of cost.

The basic thought is same for all the services, first, we have to upload the files onto their servers, and then to set the permission level and just send the download link to the recipient over email, not attach the whole file.

  • The most admired service for sharing is, com. It allows us to send files as large as 100MB for free of cost. If we pay a nominal fee, it would allow us to send files up to 2GB. YouSendIt looks like a mini email program, it allows us to upload the files through their web-based interface, and send it to the recipient email address with the download link.

The recent outcome of this service is a free plug-in for Microsoft Outlook users, make them to just attach a file to their email message and the Outlook will send that file with YouSendIt service. The upload status will be indicated by the YouSendIt icon in the system tray. This flawless integration with the Outlook will attract a number of Microsoft users.

The popular service for those who own sites or blog is; it allows sharing documents, videos or pictures with the visitors of the blog. The is an awfully elegant solution providing Windows File explorer like the widget for the user’s website. Using these visitors can download the files for offline viewing, and the space of 1GB will be available for the users.

The is also one of the popular services on the web for sharing files like PDFs and Microsoft Office documents. One of the main advantages of using this service is, it offers the option to view the contents of the uploaded files online without downloading it. This service will convert all your uploaded PDF files and Office documents to Adobe Flash player files. We can view those files using the web browser having a Flash Player.

The above-mentioned services will allow us to send files up to 100 MB in size. But for sending the files larger than this size, use is an online file storage service offered by AOL, providing a space of 5GB on online storage. It allows us to manage them from the desktop and the files also stay online ceaselessly. This service will also resume when it was broken up during the uploading process.

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