Seven Wonders Of The World 2016

seven wondersBefore 2000 years ago, Philo of Byzantium sat down and he had made the list of seven wonders of Business world at that time. Like any such subjective list, it founded criticism with its own time. The Herodotus who was a writer  didn’t believe the Egyptian  Labyrinth was left off  and Callimachus argued forcefully for the Ishtar gate to be added.

The list of seven wonders technologies

Robots: It is so easy even you make your trade in 1’s and 0’s without touching an atom, robots will still impact your business characteristics even it is upstream. Excessively the issue of robots has opened a debate about unemployment , minimum wage, basic income and the position of “working for living” in the present world. We have dreamed of robots of science, feared them for years and now finally we have seen how their real effect on humanity will be.

AI: This also excuses the wisecrack, a no-brainer. AI is a tricky one though some of the intelligent people on the planet say we should afraid of it while others like a chief scientist of  Baidu Sayid that worrying about AI is like worrying about the heavy population on mars. Next, the estimates when we might be seen an AGI (artificial general intelligence an AI which can do a number of tasks same as like human) varies from 5 to 500 years. Our brains make humans arguable and the idea from an artificial brain might gets our attention. What effect will be in the workplace ? we can find it.

AR/VR: If we think of AR/VR as a consumer technology the work applications are uniformly important. You only have to put a VR headset for about 3 minutes to watch that some people may be a good number put this device on and never take it inedible. But on the work front ,it is still an unbelievable powerful tool which can be able to superimpose the information from the digital world to world of atoms. Our brains are not relatively restless to imagine this in full flowering, but we will see it open up in the next decade.

Human /machine interface: Also linking the gap between real world and the virtual one is the overall HMI front. As machines become ever more omnipresent, our need to faultlessly interface with them grows. HMI is a large spectrum of technologies: From better UI’s to eye –tracking hardware to biological implants, HMI grows to the point where the place the human ends and the machine starts will get unclear.

3D Printing: 3D Printing means to include all the new ways to create matter today. But there isn’t a single term that put in a nutshell that, so the 3D printing has to be sufficient. Most of the firsthand experience 3D printing uses single colour plastic pieces there is a total industry working on 3D printing modern hearts and livers, also mundane items such as clothing and food (“Earl Grey, hot”). From a business point of view, the idea for quantity one is having the same unit cost as quantity one-thousand is powerful and is something we will see play out faster than after.

Nanotechnology: I get the most force back from nano because it looks so far out there. But it is not real. By one approximation, there are two thousand nanotech goods on the market today. Nano, structure things with dimensions of between 1 and 100 nanometers, is previously a multi-billion dollar industry. On the customer side, we will see nanorobots that swim about in your blood cleaning up what will be the pain for you. But on the business side, we will look for re-thinking of all of the material sciences. The very substances which we deal with will change, and we might even say not to be in the iron nor stone age, but in the nano age, where we produce materials that were exactly impossible to create just a few years ago.

CyberSecurity: This may look to be the least item like others, for it isn’t a particular technology per se. I included it because as most of our businesses depend on technologies what we use the more our businesses are liable to attacks by technology. How do we construct in safeguards in the world where we don’t really understand the technologies themselves, let alone, subtle ways that they can be exploited?

Those are the seven technologies that will help you to give a good result of business.

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