Sticky Notes For Windows 10

The major feature that is new on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is Windows Ink which does the work you do daily into your digital world. Windows Ink is a part of sticky Notes, Which allows you to add fast notes to your screen just like you could Post-it notes.

Due to Great remembrance of common tasks, sticky notes can go a step further. For example, it can insert a reminder to your calendar if it identifies a time or date in the note.

How to create a reminder in Sticky Notes

  1. Strike the Windows Ink Workspace button at the taskbar which is on the lower right corner, and then choose Sticky Notes.

Sticky NotesWrite a note through a date or time.

2. If Windows 10 identifies the date or time, it will alter the ink color to blue. Sticky Notes

3. Strike the blue ink, then select Add Reminder.

Sticky Notes

4. Edit or add the ti me and date, then tap the Remind button.Sticky Notes


That’s it! The reminder add an image of your Sticky Note and tries to write down the note for the description.

When the time for reminder, an image of the Sticky Note Explode in the lower right corner together with the options to snooze or mark as completed. It is faster to ask Cortana for reminders, but it’s a good option capable to create reminders from within Sticky Notes.

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