Remove Objects From The Background

Firstly, what is the need to remove objects from the background of any picture? Maybe, you wish to change the background or you may want to have a plain background. And there is a number of reasons for this. How this can be achieved in photoshop. There are different ways to remove objects from the background in photoshop.

How To Remove complex objects in Photoshop

Here, we are going to discuss one of the unique ways to get this done in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Choose an appropriate picture that suits this tutorial to remove objects from the background. You can take a Google image or one from your photo gallery.

Step 2: Now click on “Filters” in the menu bar, and then tap on “Extract”. Apply the setting as follows in the Extract window.

Photoshop Filter Extract

Step 3: Zoom into the image using the Zoom tool so as to clearly see the outline of the image. Set a suitable brush size and draw along the outline of the image. Use the edge highlighter tool to draw the outline for your image. A wrong outline can be removed by using the eraser tool.

Edge Highlighter Tool

Step 4: Using the Fill tool on the toolbar, fill the area where all you want to extract and click inside the drawn outline. Then press “OK” on the top right of the window. Now go back to the normal photoshop window. This will leave you with an image without a background. Following the above steps perfectly will remain you with fine edges.

Remove Background

Step 5: Now create a new layer for the background and fill a color. Use light colors for background if the image is dark.

Fill Background

Step 6: Get the eraser tool and select one of the standard brushes from photoshop to set right the defects, if any.

Eraser Tool

Step 7: You can use the smudge tool to erase any spots on the object or a human face. You can even add a few strokes.

Smudge Tool

Step 8: Then increase the sharpness of these areas using the sharpen tool.

How To Remove complex objects in Photoshop

That’s all! Finally, you are done with a realistic picture as a result. Now you can see changes in the source image and the resultant image. Hope you have understood the process to remove objects from the background in photoshop.

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Image and Article Source: Photoshopstar