Scientists Invented an Ultrasonic Dryer That Can Dry Clothes

Ultrasonic dryer can dry clothes in half the time without heat

When we are in hurry and we wait for the washed clothes to dry. It takes nearly an hour to dry if it is a hot sunny day. In normal climates, it may take more than 3 hours. This annoys us while waiting for the clothes to dry. Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have helped a lot to get out of this weird situation. They have invented an ultrasonic dryer that can dry clothes in half the time it usually takes.

The Ultrasonic dryer can make doing the laundry much faster and with ease. This dryer is expected to be up to five times energy efficient than most conventional dryers. It has the capability to dry a huge load of clothes in half the time.

Generally, dryers use heat to dry the clothes. Unlike the other dryers, the ultrasonic dryer relies on high-frequency vibrations. Green transducers are the devices used in the ultrasonic dryer which converts electricity into vibrations. The transducers shake the water from clothes.

It is said that a medium load of laundry takes 20 minutes to dry. Whereas this load takes an average of 50 minutes to dry in heat based dryers.

The ultrasonic dryer saves energy and money as it consumes 4% of the energy being used in residentially. There is a tiny lint left behind with this dryer than the normal dryers do. Moreover, most lint in the heat based dryer is created when heat is produced to dry the laundry. The hot air steam blows off the tiny fiber from the clothes while drying. Therefore, the lint is left behind the normal dryers. And heating the clothes may result to fade the color of the clothes. But with the ultrasonic dryer, there is no issue of color fade.

The ultrasonic drying technology was developed with a team working with General Electric and Department Of Energy (DOE). The DOE has funded for this machine’s development. It took two years to develop this ultrasonic dryer. And now, scientists and researchers have created a prototype of this dryer.

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