How To Schedule Emails in Gmail in a Simple Way

schedule-your-gmailYou are sending email messages in Gmail. But have you ever try to send your email messages in Gmail later which is written now? have you ever think email scheduling is possible? You would like to send your wishes to your dearest friends on time in a special day but it is delayed. Or you want to send newsletters to subscribers on their time zone.

So many people using Gmail accounts. Microsoft outlook has built in email scheduler but you don’t have a ‘native’ option to delay the delivery option of email in Gmail account. In that situation Gmail scheduler can help similar to the boomerang and sidekick it is an add-on in google spreadsheet that will not only help you schedule email message in Gmail but you can also schedule frequent bills on a certain date in each month it will send prompt email to you. It makes your work easy.


It is different from other exceptions. Gmail scheduler is available in google sheets and works across all desktop browsers. The scheduler, written with the google scripts, runs on google servers then it automatically sends the email on time preferred by you even if your system is in off position.


You have to specify accurate date and time in google sheet. It takes few steps to schedule emails in Gmail. Main process is that you compose all the emails which would like to be send later in Gmail, put them in drafts then mention exact date and time of delivery for that emails in google sheet.


1.Go to Gmail and compose an email that you would like to deliver later. after writing the messages don’t try to hit the button send just stay them as drafts.

2.To install google scheduler go to install email scheduler for Gmail in your google spreadsheets.

  1. Now allow the add-on to access your Gmail and other google app services. It is necessary since the emails will go out from your own Gmail account because it is onetime authorization.

4.Now inside the google sheet, go to add on->email scheduler->configure to launch it.

5.In the drop down you will see a list of Gmail drafts. Select one message, click the schedule button and follow that to schedule that message.

You should mention recipient’s email address(es) in the TO/CC/BCC fields of the drafts. You can attach photographs, inline images, signatures to you draft email to make it in fine formatting. The email is scheduled in the time zone of your browser. The emails will be sent before or after 15min of your schedule time. If you want to send 5 No limit Schedule Recurring Emails No Yes Track Email multiple emails you can also choose a different Gmail alias as from address.



Support Gmail & Google Apps accounts Yes Yes
Emails messages you can schedule at once 5 No limit
Schedule Recurring Emails No Yes
Track Email Opens No Yes
Duplicate Gmail Drafts No Yes
Send emails from another email alias Yes Yes
Technical Support None Email


There is a difference between the daily email sending limit it is based on the type of Gmail account. For a Gmail account per day it gives 100 email recipients. while for google apps for work customers it gives 1500 email recipients per day.

Prime premium edition if you looking to schedule more repetitive emails that are send on a recurring schedule i.e., hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly. Even if you search email opens and you can be also entitled to technical support.

If you are facing any problem with Gmail scheduler add-on, please ensure that Gmail & drive SDK are enabled for your google domain.

That’s it now you learnt how to schedule email in gmail in a simple way.

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Article and Image reference: labnol