Scan The Devices Manager

Scan The Devices

The new day I stated in this column a free program which could list entire devices connected to your wireless network. Which made me surprise either there was a similar program to Scan the Devices of all  either wireless or wired. unnecessary to say, there are many, but I need one which was both good and free. And I bring into being it.

The program I chose is called Advanced IP Scanner. You can choose it from and it is 8.4 Mb download. When you run the installer, you can select either you should install permanently on your computer, or run it straight into the portable mode. Which is good.

When you run it, the program installs the IP address of your system and then scans for some other devices inside the same range of IP addresses. It will, show the IP address whether possible or not, as well as other information about what’s connected, and whether each device is in succession such as a web server. So make a try if you want to know how many phones, tablets etc (including anyone who’s hacked your wireless password!) are using your internet connection.

The program is Malware-free according to Total Virus and Web of Trust.

This is the simple and fastest method to Scan the Devices On Your Network.

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