Samsung’s Living Room 170-inches TV

170-inches TV

Samsung  publicized the world’s greatest SUHD television measuring 170-inches TV at the consumer electronics show which is a new type of concept to make your Tv screen larger-just push another one next to it or below or above to it. You can watch  it in the below video exactly how it works.

Why choose display modules?

There are two methods to use the larger Televisions in the living room. One is using the flexible Tv and the next is built from modules. It is not possible simply to bring a 170-inches TV in a box to the home address.

The modular display uses transformable TV concept in which it moves around the modules to make a larger or smaller screens and it is able to switch between 21:9 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

So, this is why the Samsung has chosen to build one from modules. This is surely not the first time we have seen large screen built from modules we have already seen previously, but the one that brought to Las Vegas is more impressive than anything we have seen in the past, simply the seams are too thin which we cannot find them few meters away.
Obviously, if you watch a TV very close then you will see the seams but coming to 170” it is not possible to watch that much close. This is the first modular TV we have considered for the living room.

Samsung did not want to go into specifics but it is surely an LCD display. We do not know how high the resolution is but it is probably higher than 4K.

Samsung does not wish to give the details about specifications but surely it is an LCD display. We don’t know about the resolution but it is probably more than 4k.

Unluckily, that Samsung isn’t selling it. At least we have known that it is possible.

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