Samsung Notebook 9 Review


Computers have been around for years but for the most part, you’re stuck with a smaller screen with maybe a twelve / thirteen or possibly a fourteen-inch display. But this new Samsung Notebook 9 is a thin like computer weighs less than a MacBook Air but it’s got a big fifteen-inch display when most fifteen inch computers like a MacBook Pro weigh four and a half pounds or more. It’s pretty rare to see one that’s as portable as a thirteen-inch computer but there are a bunch of reasons why you want a larger screen. It’s easier to look at, it’s easier to multitask with, it’s easier to work on just generally more pleasant to use. You also get the room for a bigger keyboard and trackpad which is always more comfortable and welcome. And you get a bunch of ports that you might not see on a smaller size computer. The Notebook 9 is fifteen inches in size and it’s a 1080P resolution which isn’t as high as others that you can get right now but still sharp enough.


For most purposes as a really thin border around the screen which makes it look even bigger than it actually is what’s really neat here. Though is that it lacks the touchscreen which a lot of Windows 10 computers offer now. Frankly, I really didn’t miss it. Much of my testing the keyboard on the Notebook 9 is roomy and responsive. But it lacks backlighting which is kind of a sin at this price point. It’s also a bit spongy or not as clicky as other laptops you can get. Before to leave the trackpad is huge and really smooth works great for Multi-Touch gestures. Nope, none of many useful ports to two full-size USB ports, USB Type-C ports, headphone jack and a full-size HDMI port. Less useful is this mini ports for an Ethernet port adapter and the micro SD card slot which I wish was just a full size. And while you can use this USB Type-C port to charge your phone can’t charge a laptop with that. So you still need a proprietary bridge to plug into a special power port.


The performance on the Notebook 9 is good for a bunch of things. Thanks to the Intel Core i7 processor, 8gigabytes of RAM. Even chrome with dozens of tabs running isn’t enough to bog the system down. Battery life, on the other hand, is merely acceptable Samsung says you can get up to twelve hours of battery life with it but in the real world I use to get closer to six or seven. Not everything is great with an opening in the design is a bit boring looking and looks a lot like a MacBook Air from six years ago the build quality. Isn’t quite as good as other computers the display hinges really loose and it feels a bit hollow in your hands. And the another downside here is that while it’s great to have a big screen keyboard a fifteen-inch computer isn’t always great for travel doesn’t fit on a tray table and it’s a little bit closer to use on your lap. What the Notebook 9 does is change your perception of what you can get from a thin line computer. No wonder you stuck with a small screen. It’s not the best computer in any metric. But is a good value for its price and it does most tasks really well without any major compromises because it was designed. If you’ve been framing a lighter computer better tighter squinting at smaller screens the Notebook 9 is definitely worth.

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