Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Every year, Samsung Galaxy has been releasing a new version of its flagship. Last year, it was Galaxy Note 7 which unfortunately couldn’t stay with the users as it exploded. This year, the chance was given to the Galaxy S8 and S8+. These two has the most amazing features in common except the screen size that S8 has 5.8 inches whereas S8+ has 6.2 inches display. Now Samsung, keeping its fingers crossed, is planning for the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the second half of 2017.

Samsung is taking the precaution to bring up Note 8 with a battery cell from either OEM LG or its subsidiary, LG CHEM. We are aware that LG hasn’t produced any battery which exploded the smartphone. So, this will bring confidence in the customers’ mind to add the Note 8 to their cart.

As the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is in the second half of 2017, it would be a good time for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in the market in the meantime. And according to the rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it features a 6.3 inches display. The screen ratio is expected to be the same 18.5:9 as the Samsung Galaxy S8. One of the amazing features about Note 8 is that it is going to pack a dual-sensor camera with itself on the back panel.

One of the sources claimed that Samsung would continue to develop and produce the Galaxy Note series smartphones and devices. The CEO of the company said, “I’ll bring back a better, safer, and a very innovative Note 8”.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is developing the original signature S-Pen stylus with Wacom. The rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features a 4k resolution display and Bixby AI, assistant. This display realizes improved Virtual Reality (VR) functions that will connect with new Gear VR wearable.

The Galaxy Note 8 rumors a feature that the home button will be now absent in this flagship. This feature makes the device lot more engaging to behold. The storage capacity, RAM, and the processor are likely more than its predecessors, may it be note or S series.

The device features a dual-sensor camera with one being a wide-angle lens that can scan anything from a tilted image to a moving object. The second lens is a telephoto one that can track images in real-time where you can enable to adjust zoom and other settings without any loss in focus.

All the features, this time, in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are tempting the customers to get a device for them. Moreover, there is no battery issue as the Note 7 explosion threatened the users. And the dual-sensor camera looks ultimate for this device.

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